Sohrab Kamkar Consultant - Strategy & Change

p:+44 787 8905456

Sohrab joined Prosperity 24/7 in January 2022 as a Consultant in the Strategy and Change team having spent the past 3 years driving and supporting successful Software Implementation and Transformation projects across various industries.

In his previous role as a Business Process Consultant within ERP, Sohrab has been responsible for a key workstream in multiple projects, which when coupled with his enthusiasm and dedication to implementing successful solutions and process improvement, has helped the businesses streamline their end-to-end solutions.

Specialist Areas
Business Analysis
Application Testing
End user Training
Change Management
Stakeholder Management
Requirements Gathering

BSc (Hons) – Accounting with Management
BCs Foundation in Business Analysis
BCs Business Analysis Practitioner
BCs Requirements Engineering
BCs Modelling Business Processes