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System Integration

System and software integration with current Line of Business (LOB) applications form an integral part of our offering. The integration of disparate systems in business is a common requirement and one which can be challenging. Our Business Solutions team has a broad base of expertise in this area with extensive knowledge centring on Dynamics CRM integration with external systems, including Cloud and bespoke system integration.

By integrating disparate software solutions, we are able to streamline your business processes and remove much of the manual work that may be necessary with your current system set up. There are many benefits that can be gained by integrating your software solutions, including:

  • Synchronisation between disparate systems
  • Line of Business integration
  • Streamlining of business processes
  • Single sign on functionality
  • Allowing your systems to be used effectively together
  • Office Automation: the automatic creation, pre-population and processing of documents, taking information from LOB systems to remove manual tasks from workflow