About us

Welcome to Prosperity 24/7 – Accelerating your Digital Transformation

Founded in 2011, Prosperity 24/7 is the Channel Island’s fastest growing business and technology consultancy practice, serving both the local and global marketplace. We are here to help you to accelerate your digital transformation and in turn, deliver excellence in the services that you provide to your customers.

We ourselves have a very simple mission statement, it relates directly to our name and is the root of our business culture and ethos:

“Prosperity – The state of flourishing, thriving, success or good fortune; we want to facilitate your economic prosperity by integrating business and technology with simplicity”

By simplicity, we mean pragmatism, realism and trust – the basis of any good relationship.

An introduction to Prosperity 24/7

You know your business, therefore you don’t need us to patronise you. You are probably reviewing us because you would like someone with prior experience and technical expertise to help solve problems that you have not encountered before. Or perhaps you simply do not have the technical or resource capability to deliver a project as it is not a core pillar of your business. This is absolutely fine by us, this is where we thrive.

Similarly, you are probably looking for solutions to be realistic, fit for purpose and size. Not some off-the-wall fantasy that is more about our ego or being at the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology. Our solutions must primarily help you, not us.

We understand this completely, the World is risky enough in this economic climate without us introducing unnecessary complexity to your business – again, this is why we strive for simplicity.

“We fully understand that people buy from people and that our reputation is everything”

We are here to listen, to learn, to advise wisely and sympathetically with the occasional dose of ‘robust challenge’, only then can our trust and business relationship flourish, this is exactly what we are looking to achieve – a genuine partnership. A tethering of our two businesses, supporting each other to be smarter, quicker and better.

If this all sounds like a frighteningly ‘common sense’ approach to business, then great, we are doing the right things. It might explain how we are growing well and delivering great projects for a wide range of Industries.

By all means please validate our expertise by perusing our web site, alternatively, simply give us a call – +44 1534 877247 – so that we can meet over a coffee or a good cup of tea (which is our preferred method).

We have endeavoured to tailor your experience within this latest version of our website dependant upon what you are looking for.  We would encourage everyone to read our Latest News as it will give you a feeling for our people and their achievements (I must warn you, we are quite proud of every team member).

If you are a ‘C’ Level Executive we would suggest you review our Effective Change services and our commitment to the local Community.

If you happen to be of a Technical slant, then we have tailored the content of our Technology services explicitly for technical decision makers, you may also wish to validate our experts which can be done with ease by reviewing Meet the Team.

If you are limited for time and want to understand what sort of work we undertake for our clients by all means read on. What I would like to do is personally thank you for taking the time to consider us as a potential partner through whatever challenge or transition that you are facing.

Chris Clark – Chief Executive Officer, Prosperity 24/7


A synopsis of our services:

We act as trusted advisors, reporting to the Board, Senior Management Team, IT Director or Business stakeholders and deliver support through the entire lifecycle of change initiatives. We are regularly engaged in all of the following stages of effective change and more, we have endeavoured to elaborate just some of the scenarios where we may be able to help you below…

Effective Change:

  • Business Strategy – we help our clients to identify what is important to the Executive, their team and their customers. We provide analysis, focus and direction – a fresh pair of ‘common sense’ eyes if you wish – we help you to see the wood for the trees.
  • Business and Data Analysis – we can help you to identify trends, exceptions and issues within your underlying operational data. By undertaking this deep level of analysis, we can use real information to align corporate goals and define performance in line with your operational or business strategy.
  • Programme and Project Management- You have your strategy, you have identified the measurable benefits, the next stage in turning your strategy into a clear, signposted reality. We help by agreeing and delivering to a realistic roadmap with a defined investment strategy and explicit boundaries within which to operate. We help you to you deliver change throughout the project lifecycle, from inception through to closure.

The next stage often involves ‘Technology’ and this can take two primary forms in our experience ‘technical solutions’ or ‘business solutions’:

If your change initiative requires a suitably scaled investment within your Infrastructure, we often call these ‘technical solutions’:

  • We are experts in what you might term ‘tin’, ‘servers’ or ‘infrastructure’ – we will work with you to understand your needs today and tomorrow which in turn will enable us to advise upon a suitably scaled and flexible solution to suit your performance, growth and financial requirements.
  • If your change initiative involves a ‘desktop refresh’, then look no further. We have unparalleled experience in the delivery of desktop deployment solutions, whether this is a traditional rollout, a virtualised or thin client deployment. We can help, whatever the ‘flavour’.

If your change initiative requires an investment in operational automation, data management, straight through processing or an online banking service for example, we often call these ‘business solutions’:

  • We are experts in data extraction and manipulation (transformation) and delivery to other systems (load). This interaction of data requires suitable consideration in the architecture, design, control and governance, all of which we can help with.
  • We are able to tailor applications and programs on which to run your business and the tools with which to extract, understand and display your data in a coherent and often simple way.
  • Regarding applications, we are recognised experts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint and the entire Microsoft Business Intelligence suite of tools. In plain English these are industry standard platforms which can connect your separate departments with “one version of the truth” similarly then can be used to expose critical data to your clients securely and swiftly which often leads to operational benefit.
  • Should you have an opportunity that is so abstract that only a bespoke solution will do, that is fine with us as well, pure applications whether internal, Web facing or mobile enabled, we can build them all.

The final and most important aspect of ‘Effective Change’ is your ability to maximise your investment in the change initiative itself. What do we mean? Training.

  • We are experts in Training, Coaching and up-skilling the work force,whether the change relates to process improvement, product knowledge or soft skills – we are here to help you to get the most from your people.

In closing, we offer solutions and expertise to companies from start-up to multi-national organisations across a wide and diverse range of industries. Our subject and industry expert consultants specialise in helping you to simply optimise and maximise your business whilst applying a healthy dose of realism and pragmatism in the solutions that we recommend.

We look forward to working with you in the near future, by all means contact our Chief Executive Officer, Chris Clark directly for an informal chat to ascertain how we may be able to help you.