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Our technical services consultants can assist you in your journey ‘to the cloud’. We have partnered with the top tier cloud providers across the Channel Islands to give you access to ‘The Cloud’, whether that is for a fully hosted solution or a ‘Disaster Recovery as a Service’ option to enable you to meet your business continuity plan.

We have the skills to assess your current infrastructure and design and develop an in-house private cloud based on industry standard virtualisation software and hardware. This will give you the elasticity and quicker return to market for your products to ensure maximum return on investment in as short a time period as possible.

With Cloud we can also offer ‘Desktop as a Service’ through one of our cloud providers, or even deploy an in-house Virtual Desktop Infrastructure based on your own Cloud infrastructure, saving you time and money on refreshing desktop PC’s and through reducing the amount of administrative overhead.

Select services we provide under the ‘Cloud’ banner:

  •  Cloud readiness assessment – How far along the journey to the cloud are you? We can review you current infrastructure against your business requirements to show you
  • Hybrid cloud deployment: do you want to keep your onsite investment in infrastructure, but want to use a cloud email solution? We can help you make this happen
  • In House private cloud solutions – don’t quite trust the public cloud yet? Group policy dictates ‘no’ to public cloud? The answer is to implement your own in-house private cloud
  • Cloud Backup – no need for onsite backups anymore, backup to a locally based Channel Island Cloud provider
  • Cloud Migration – You’ve decided that Cloud is the right technology for you. We can help with the intricacies of moving
  • DR as a Service – Don’t want to go to the expense of setting up your own DR site? Then let us implement DR as a Service, a cost effective way of utilizing the cloud for a DR site.