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Training Delivery Options

We will work with you to identify and deliver your training in the best possible way. This could be face-to-face or remotely, in groups or individually, at your place of work, at our training facility or in a preferred location. We will talk through your needs and discuss the relative merits of each delivery option to ensure you get the best training environment for your business users.

Training can be delivered:

  • One-to-one training- for personal, fast and focused learning
  • Group learning- sharing experiences with a number of people can enhance the richness of training, bringing in a wide range of personal experiences or requirements which enrich the training content. It can also be cost-effective when you have a large number of people to upskill at the same time!
  • Location: at your place of work- this gives your people a familiar environment in which to learn new things, plus is convenient for them to get to
  • Location: our training facility: This gives your people a break from their normal working environment, allowing them to put away any normal work requirements and focus fully on the training course
  • Location: neutral location- you may not have sufficient facilities available to host the training sessions, or you may want to have your people offsite but attending our facility may not be convenient. We are happy to host at another appropriate location if required.
  • Online: webinar- remote training can be a cost-effective way to bridge geographical gaps, and our team are highly experienced in remote training
  • Method: classroom learning- a traditional environment where the focus is entirely on the delivery of the prescribed course
  • Method: Floorwalking- supervising the implementation of training in your live environment, allowing your people to utilise new skills and knowledge with support on-hand