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Task Force Optimisation

By carefully balancing the skills of your employees against the inbound work requirements it is possible to efficiently streamline your workforce to liberate key resources to focus on more valuable activities, consistently and to a high quality threshold.

If you are looking to restructure your organisation or change the type or volume of work being completed this is an essential step to take before you need to react to a deluge or shift in your business operating model.

We help you to keep your organisation lean, agile and competitive, enabling your staff to focus on high value, low volume activities whilst driving profitability and efficiency to low value, high volume transactional business.

Our Effective Change Team can:

  • Evaluate workload by skill type, cross-referenced with any time-driven constraints
  • Evaluate current employee skills
  • Evaluate Shrinkage requirements and build these into any optimisation models
  • Evaluate Demand requirements by time against Supply capabilities
  • Identify and recommend quantifiable optimisation opportunities
  • Propose technologies that will facilitate automation and Straight Through Processing or tools which will help you to nurture High Value relationships to enhance both your customers experience and your ability to thrive as a business