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Programme Management

Programme Management is defined as the co-ordinated organisation, direction and implementation of a portfolio of projects and activities. Together these activities achieve outcomes and realise benefits that are of strategic importance.

A Programme exploits ‘economies of scale’- it makes the best use of resources and reduces risk and cost through co-ordination. Programmes connect the delivery of change to the strategic objectives and direction of the organisation. Programme Management is designed to guide the organisation through this dynamic environment, refining and re-focussing as necessary along the way.

Our expert team will support your business by:

  • Establishing the vision of the programme
  • Ensuring that an appropriate level of governance is in place
  • Programme environment health checks
  • Prioritising projects within the programme to meet the strategic goals
  • Managing effective stakeholder communication
  • Managing benefit realisation
  • Defining and implementing optimal policies, processes, procedures and documentation.
  • Delivering on-going advice to keep organisational structure and process simple and ensure flexibility to respond to rapid market changes
  • Instil a culture of continuous improvement to refine and shape delivery towards everyday optimal performance. As part of this methodology all current and foreseeable risks are identified, quantified and resolutions put in place to mitigate all to ensure that your organisation’s business goals are achieved
  • Establishing effective reporting mechanisms to turn working data into Management Information.
  • Providing formal programme management methodologies and strategies
  • Managing delivery of critical programmes within the constraints of time, cost and quality – with the right focus, delivery mind set and culture essential for success