Fabio Hepworth Head of Data and Integration - Business Solutions

p:+44­ 7700 327974

We have pleasure in providing the following summary outlining the experience and professionalism that Fabio has demonstrated in his career.

Joining Prosperity 24/7 in January 2017 Fabio brings experience from various projects and sectors delivering processes and integrations to improve business efficiency.

Fabio started his career as a Business Systems Analyst and has since broadened his skill set into Development with a focus on SharePoint, Power Platform, Azure to support businesses in varied sectors with document management, process management, and integration projects.

Consultant Details

Fabio has 12+ years working within IT for legal, financial, non-profit, retail, and private sectors. He specialises in SharePoint architecture, Microsoft Power Platform, and system to system integration for high uptime, high demand systems.

He is a pro-active and self-motivated individual with a passion for continuous learning to support business/digital transformation. His broad background in technology and sectors supports his ability to engage effectively with Stakeholders and Suppliers alike. An effective communicator, Fabio builds productive relationships with stakeholders and able to translate technical language/requirements into “plain English” for all levels of business.

Specific Relevant Experience

SharePoint Document Management

A recent project for a multi-jurisdictional financial services company included the analysis, design, and implementation of a SharePoint document management system to hold 2.5 terabytes of client emails/documents and having over 1300 internal users. The project involved:

  • Requirements engineering and led workshops to determine the most appropriate design and implementation to fit the business’s requirements
  • Defining and implementing the architecture and security model of SharePoint to support management of emails/documents based on client/entity
  • Deployment and configuration of SharePoint. Including corporate metadata tagging, customised search configuration, corporate branding.
  • Configuration of OnePlace Mail for Outlook (third party product)
  • Development of bespoke migration tooling to migrate emails from Exchange Public folders and network shares to SharePoint
  • Development of services/integration to provision new client folders when onboarded into practice management system
  • Development of services/integration to automatically file emails from shared folders to SharePoint (using ‘luggage tags’)
  • Working closely with the local IT team and Trainers to ensure a successful project delivery

Office 365 / SharePoint Migration

Fabio frequently works on Office 365 (O365) implementations where migrations are required. These projects have been driven by a range of drivers, e.g., acquisition, carve out, and adoption of O365. In these projects Fabio leads the analysis with IT and the business to identify, structure, and migrate documents/content to O365. Projects include:

  • Defining and implementing the architecture and security model of SharePoint to support collaborative working whilst being secure
  • Planning migration phases to ensure large migrations can be kept within business operating hours. Support multi-jurisdictional businesses
  • Worked in finance, legal, telephony, commercial, industrial (mining), and IoT sectors.
  • Migration from on premise shares and SharePoint to O365/SharePoint Online
  • Migration from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint to O365/SharePoint Online

Global SharePoint Intranet / Collaboration

Recently Fabio has managed the implementation of a corporate intranet & collaborative document management system for a global client. Leveraging the document management of SharePoint with other O365 features to improve collaboration. The project included:

  • Jurisdictional hubs for local intranets/DMS that allow for high level of independence
  • Departmental Teams enabled sites to encourage collaboration and chat.
  • Democratisation of news to departments which automatically roll up to the rest of the hub
  • Leveraging team sites as a “shop window” for each department to highlight key documents/forms/templates
  • Leveraging SharePoint functionality to publish corporate templates (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and corporate assets (images, logos, brand) from central library
  • Utilising SharePoint sites for external collaboration with project teams, regulatory bodies, and suppliers

SharePoint Advisory / Review

With increasing use of O365 globally Fabio is noticing an increasing demand for reviews of existing tenants to ensure conformance to security best practices.

  • Discovery workshops with IT/Technology departments to understand risk position
  • Discovery workshops with business stakeholders to understand pain points
  • Performing reviews and documenting findings and recommendations on configuration

Power Apps / Power Apps Portals

Development of a membership registry that handle client relationship management and a high level of integration/automation with external systems.

  • Development of Model Driven apps to support business processes around membership
  • Advisory and implementation of Power Platform data loss prevention policies
  • Multi-stage web forms to collect information from clients (e.g., new membership application process)
  • Automated routing and processing on completed forms to business requirements
  • Payment system integration (Stripe)
  • SMS provider integration (Twilio)
  • Azure B2C implementation for consistent identity/log in for Power Apps Portals and other client facing systems
  • Integration with third party systems from / to Dataverse to maintain client data
  • Implementation of Azure Synapse/Azure Data Factory to support reporting requirements
  • SharePoint integration to support/enhance document management in Power Apps

Master Data Management

Development of integration/services to integrate a cloud-based HR system with Azure Active Directory and other systems. Ensuring that new staff or updated staff details are updated into Azure AD (e.g. Job title, department, jurisdiction, etc). A central source of truth for business reporting and automation needs without access requirements to sensitive HR systems/data.

Programme / Project Manager / Business Analysis Experience

  • Systems & Technical Analysis / Advisory services
  • Microsoft SQL Server / Analytics / Power BI and Reporting Solutions Architect
  • Business Process Development / Workflow automation
  • System to system Integration / Master Data Management
  • Microsoft SharePoint Architecture / Integration
  • Power Platform Development / Integration

Professional Qualifications

  • DP-203: Azure Data Engineer Associate
  • PL-200: Power Platform Functional Consultant
  • PL-400: Power Platform Developer
  • MB-800: Business Central Functional Consultant
  • MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014
  • BSc (Hons) in Computing Informatics (University of Plymouth)