Great Minds, Always Transforming.

Digital Transformation

The digital revolution isn’t just about powerful technology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation or some other wonderful phrase.

It is about freeing people to explore and experiment, safely, swiftly yet effectively. Creating a culture of innovation, trial & progress to drive a better business, working smarter.

This is what sets Prosperity apart.

We help people make the most of technology, to achieve real, measurable, tangible business results, this is critical to a digitally enabled future, this is what digital transformation really means…

We see Digital Capability as the first step

We evangelise, empower, excite and educate our clients from the print room to the boardroom. Industry and Executives need to know what can be done, that it can be done quickly, cost effectively and safely. Through our Training team we inspire your colleagues, and through our Technical Solutions team we ensure that your technology is always on.

Pragmatic innovation and stability

Historically small businesses have not been able to invest in innovative technology. Today, being small is a massive advantage, you can be agile, adopt new tech and avoid legacy painful processes. This level of pragmatic innovation will resonate with a business of any size, not least when large businesses start to be overtaken by companies with half the headcount, twice the turnover and four times the profitability by leveraging a modern way of working.

To help you to innovate, our Business Solutions Team, enable your colleagues to leverage the inherent features that reside within the platforms which we have advocated since day one (Dynamics 365 / Office 365). It just so happens we backed the best horse, one that leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation as standard. This, when coupled with Power BI and other analytics tools will drive real benefits to your business.

To ensure you evolve, you will benefit from the control, advice, oversight and governance that our Strategy & Change team will provide, they are the conductors to the required ‘orchestra’ (your people and ours) which any major change programs, which touch every part of your business, require.

Conclusions for our Clients

Digital Transformation is led by our Strategy & Change / Training teams – the human elements to engender cultural change and better business operations e.g. to adopt a ‘modern way of working’.

Digital Enablement is delivered by our Technical Solutions & Business Solutions teams – leveraging pragmatic technology to underpin your business securely, helping you to work smarter. ‘Technology’ underpins and enables our ‘modern way of working’, neither will succeed fully if only delivered partially – our business is built to deliver the entire gamut of services required from identification through to operation to deliver your Digital Transformation successfully.