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Microsoft Power Platform

Prosperity 24.7 are the market leading partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Channel Islands. Prosperity 24.7 deliver innovation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a range of Industries and Clients, whether you need CRM deployed on premise or online we can help.

Some of our greatest successes have been delivered in transforming the Public Sector – eGovernment and a Citizen Centric service and Microsoft have recently produced a showcase video for our successful delivery for CityNext and Smart Cities.

As well as Public Sector reform, we have a rich history delivering innovation to Financial Services Regulators and a raft of Financial Services businesses helping them with issues such as:

  • Customer retention and Business Growth
  • Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer initiatives
  • FATCA remediation processing
  • Sanction Matching and Automated reporting

We have a significant team of certified individuals that can assist with any of the aforementioned challenges or even simple centralisation of contacts and communication to assess how effective your marketing strategy is. If you want to ‘try before you buy’ you can click on the link and start using Dynamics CRM online today.

The core benefit of MS Dynamics CRM is it helps to manage your customers, and it helps to manage your business. It unlocks the potential in your data, it shows you the effectiveness and profitability of your customer interactions and it helps to simplify your processes and work practices- making your business leaner and more efficient.

We offer installation and configuration expertise, plus have many years’ experience in using the system so we are able to design the platform to suit the needs of all your users.

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM team have a successful track record of rapidly delivering projects for Government, Financial Services and Legal organisations utilising Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a rapid development platform (RDP). The product can also be used online or on-premise to simply improve your sales pipeline or fault reporting (case management) processes. We are proud to be able to offer clients’ access to one of the most experienced and qualified Microsoft Dynamics CRM teams in the Channel Islands.

  • Improve the efficiencies between departments by using the same, tailored platform
  • Reduce customer churn and increase revenue generation through data-lead insight generation
  • Understand your business better with the purpose-built analytics package
  • Utilise our expert Training Team to ensure all your people have the appropriate bespoke knowledge to get the most out of the system- for themselves, and for your business
  • Improve staff efficiency utilising business processes in CRM’s powerful and extendable workflow process designer