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Social Leadership Workshop

Why Social Leadership? The nature of work is changing: away from organisations bounded by four walls and mountainous process towards more socially responsible, agile and engaged businesses, driven by creativity and innovation. But are you there yet? The Social Age sees a revised social contract between organisation and employee, where consensus is consensual authority contextual, agility essential. Social Leadership is a style of leadership for the Social Age. It's about authority forged in communities, founded upon reputation. It's an authentic style of leadership that lets you be effective to create meaning and effect change. Julian Stodd's NET Model of Social Leadership covers three dimensions: - NARRATIVE, which is about 'curation', 'storytelling' and 'sharing' - ENGAGEMENT, which covers 'community', 'reputation' and 'authority' and - TECHNOLOGY, which is about 'collaboration', 'social capital' and 'co-creation'. It's a framework to develop the skills of a Social Leader. In this Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to develop a broad understanding and core skills for Social Leadership. You will leave with an understanding of the foundations of the Social Age and how to develop reputation based authority, an ability to be more effective.

Course details

By the end of this programme you will be able to:

● Understand the Foundations of the Social Age of work
● Explore the nine components of the NET Model of Social Leadership
● Discover how social leadership is forged within communities
● Practice the skills of community management
● Practice the OAR model of engagement
● Explore amplification of stories
● Understand how storytelling sits at the heart of Social Leadership
● Apply Social Leadership principles to your own organisation
● Explore the tools and concepts needed to develop these skills

What will it cover?

- Narrative in the NET Model
We will explore curation, storytelling and sharing, looking at how they provide us with our platform and mandate for leadership, learning to use stories to lead.
- Engagement in the NET Model
We explore community, reputation and authority and how we interact within and alongside the organisation to develop our consensual power.
- Technology in the NET Model
We develop principles of co-creation, social capital and collaboration, the space where we become effective.
- Application of the NET Model
We explore practical ways to develop Social Leadership through a programmatic approach to skills and understanding




1 day

Course Requirements

There are no course pre-requisites for this session - just a willingness to take part and share ideas.


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