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GDPR Services

Prosperity 24/7 prides itself on recruiting the most appropriately skilled practitioners to maintain the integrity of our diverse clients and their businesses.

In 2018 the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation law – was enacted in both the UK and Jersey simultaneously. To support our clients we provide a raft of services delivered by not only certified, but highly experienced practitioners in Data Protection, Data Management and the provision of Policy and Standard Operating Procedures to assist our clients in their adherence and process compliance to the legislation.

The spectrum of support that we offer our clients is broad, some familiar services (to provide you with comfort) are outlined below:

Readiness Assessments:

  • These ordinarily assess your technology and process risks with a clear gap analysis with remediation planning.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment – as part of the risk assessment, and having gathered the current state mapping, we can provide a DPIA across the Enterprise to enable your organisation to mature its processes and provide mitigating steps based on the nature of your data etc.

Breach Management

  • We can provide support and guidance with SAR responses through to regulatory issues, including support reporting to the Information Commissioner through to the process of heightened reporting and communication response.

Managed DPO Services

  • As part of our broad offering, we can provide fully outsourced Data Protection Officer services, enabling you the comfort of a virtual DPO providing breach management etc. without the full time overhead on your payroll.

Technology Assessment

  • Being a company with a broad span of knowledge in this field enables us to advise clients on pragmatic technologies which can assist in the secure handling, categorisation and management of your data assets.
  • These technologies can benefit from AI, RPA and Machine Learning to automatically categorise your data for example to ensure you can provide timely reports for SARs etc.