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Excel Intermediate

By the end of this course you will be able to: use basic formula and functions, use references and name ranges, use logical formula and utilise data valuation and create charts.

Course details

A basic understanding of Excel is assumed.  Take a look at our Introduction course topics to assess the level you require.Refresher

  • Formulas VS Functions
  • Creating Statistical Functions
  • Tracing Precedents and Dependents
  • Formulas across worksheets and workbooks


Logical functions

  • Using the If function:
  • Text results
  • Number results
  • Formula results
  • Using Or and And functions
  • Using Rounding functions


Working with Text and Date Functions

  • Use Concatenate, Left, Right, Mid and Trim to manage text
  • Use Month, Year, Day, Today and Now functions
  • Using Text to Columns


Data Validation

  • Create validation rules for numbers and characters
  • Input and error messages
  • Create drop down lists
  • Using Conditional Formatting to format cells based on data entered


Referencing and Named Ranges

  • Using Absolute referencing in formulas
  • Using Mixed referencing in formulas
  • Define, create and apply named ranges
  • Write formulas using named ranges


Working with Charts

  • Creating chart sheets to represent data
  • Creating charts objects within a spread sheet
  • Modifying Chart types and data source
  • Applying different chart types across the data





1 day (but can be run as shorter sessions)

Course Requirements

A basic understanding of Excel is assumed. Take a look at our Introduction course topics to assess the level you require.


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