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Sharepoint Intermediate

This is a comprehensive overview of Microsoft SharePoint for users of the programme who want to expand their usage of the system and enhance their document management capabilities

Course details

Getting Started

  • Overview of SharePoint 2010
  • Get Started Using SharePoint 2010

Search for Content

  • Use Alerts
  • Welcome User Links
  • Personalise SharePoint 2010 Page

List Basics

  • How to Add and Modify Content
  • Overview of Default Lists and List Templates
  • Add, Modify, and Delete Content in SharePoint 2010 Lists
  • Sort and Filter Content
  • Advanced List Features
  • Use Default and Custom Views
  • Connect a List to Microsoft Outlook

Library Basics

  • Introduction to document libraries
  • Uploading, creating and deleting documents
  • Working with folders and document sets
  • Working with documents in a library
  • Working with document properties
  • Document Management Features
  • Using document workflows

Structuring Document & Content Management

  • Creating lists & libraries
  • Managing list & library properties
  • Creating list templates
  • Creating & managing columns
  • Site columns
  • Creating & managing views
  • Managed metadata
  • Configuring advanced list and library settings

Creating & Managing Workflows

  • Introduction to work flows
  • Work flow scenarios
  • Creating work flows
  • Configuring work flow set tings

Site Customisation

  • Adding Pages to your SharePoint Site
  • Adding and Modifying Web Parts
  • Look and Feel Settings
  • Modifying Navigational Component s
  • Creating Site Templates

Site Creation and Deletion

  • Introduction to Site Topology
  • When to create a site and where?
  • How to Create a new Site
  • Deleting Sites

Collaborative Site Templates

  • Introduction to Collaborative Site
  • Templates
  • Document Work spaces
  • Meeting Work spaces
  • Blog Sites
  • Group Work Sites

Permissions and Security

  • Introduction to Security in SharePoint 2010
  • Permissions, Permission Levels and SharePoint Groups
  • Manage User Access to SharePoint Site
  • Manage SharePoint Groups and Users
  • Breaking Permissions Inheritance within the Site
  • SharePoint Security Best Practice




Two days (but can be run as shorter sessions)

Course Requirements

No previous knowledge of SharePoint is required.


Email the Training Team for more information and availability at