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MS Project Introduction / Intermediate

This Microsoft Project training course will teach you the essential skills of using Microsoft Project to plan and manage project schedules. By the end of this course, students will be able to create new projects, adjust existing projects, create baselines and use the features of Microsoft Project to track the progress of their projects. This course assumes that you have gained good basic understanding of Windows applications and project management techniques.

Course details

  • Getting Started
    • Understanding the Project Screen
    • Creating new projects
    • Using project templates
    • Entering project information
    • Working Time & Calendars
    • Saving a baseline plan
  • Working with Tasks
    • Entering tasks and setting properties
    • Working with task durations
    • Creating Milestones
    • Copying and moving tasks
    • Recurring Tasks
    • Task Information & Task Notes
    • Linking and unlinking tasks
    • Splitting tasks
    • Different task types
    • Setting deadlines and constraints
    • Task Calendars
  • Working with Resources
    • Creating a resource sheet
    • Entering resource availability
    • Grouping resources
    • Resource schedules
    • Assigning work and material resources
    • Entering Costs
    • Fixed Costs
    • Viewing costs
  • Working with the Project Database
    • Using the common views
    • Using split views
    • Using tables
    • Sorting information
    • Using filters
    • The Critical Path
    • Printing views
  • Update and View Progress
    • Updating Tasks, Resources & Costs
    • Checking duration, cost & work variance
    • Project statistics
    • Identifying and fixing project trouble spots
  • Working with Reports
    • Choosing a report
    • Using report details
    • Defining report contents
    • Sorting a report
    • Adding page elements to reports
    • Saving a project as a web page
  • Working with Multiple Projects
    • Consolidating projects
    • Creating linked projects
    • Sharing resources with resource pools
    • Viewing multiple project critical paths
    • Saving a workspace
    • Saving consolidated project baselines




1 day

Course Requirements



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