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JTC Group and Citrix – Stronger Together

Prosperity 24/7 worked with JTC Group to design and deploy Citrix in a way that would help bring together more than 1300 people across 30 global offices, empowering them to channel their global intelligence quickly and efficiently through Citrix’s high performance, secure and consistent workspace experience.

Citrix provides dynamic virtualization and cloud computing solutions to free you from traditional computing, allowing you to work ‘anywhere, anytime, from any device’ across private, public and personal clouds. Citrix people-centric approach to computing gives you the freedom to work securely and productively and gives IT the power to manage desktops, applications, servers and data at half the cost.

Citrix offerings radically simplify computing, taking online collaboration and desktop computing to a whole new level. You will discover better ways to do business, better ways to deliver IT services and better ways to work.

When Covid 19 happened and businesses were forced to move to a work from home model, JTC Group was prepared for everyone to work remotely, securely and straight away. Not only did it stand up to Covid, but JTC also have a secure and scalable solution that enables them to continue to grow.

Adam Jeffries, Group Chief Information Officer, JTC Group commented:

“As a global organisation with many different locations across the world, our challenge is to ensure we are unified and working together to achieve our shared future. Stronger Together to us at JTC is more than just a strapline. It underpins everything we do and drives us to be effective, joined up and able to serve our clients to the highest level, wherever we are.

We can stand up new JTC environments rapidly and easily, knowing that security has been built in. It keeps our teams productive and engaged – and it gives us total visibility and control.

JTC PLC is a dynamic and expanding group, and it’s important that we are aligned with best in class partners who share our strategic goals, understand our roadmap and complement it. Prosperity 24/7 is our core technology partner, and their strong relationship with Citrix has enabled the design and deployment of agile, effective solutions, futureproofed for our evolution.

And it’s no accident that over the last 18 months, we’ve been able to continue to see strong growth in our share price and revenue targets. In Citrix, we have a strong, secure and scalable solution that enables all our people, existing teams and new acquisitions, to do what they do, more efficiently than ever.”

Discover more about how Citrix can digitally transform your business and speak to Marcus Bailey, Head of Cloud.