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States of Jersey – Trading Standards

The Challenge

Historically, we were running our Trading Standards Service on an unsupported legacy application that could not flex to the ever evolving needs of legislation. This exposed us to significant risks and hampered our service approach.

The Solution

Prosperity 24.7 built a CRM solution that adheres to EU Commission recommendation – Article 292 on the use of a harmonised methodology for classifying and reporting consumer complaints and enquiries. This is further integrated with a rich solution that meets the entire requirements of a Trading Standards Service allowing the Administration of ‘On-Sites, enforcement, Asset Management, Weights / Measures and Compliance’.

The Impact

This project has ensured that the States of Jersey adhere to EU guidelines whilst delivering exceptional customer services. Our focus as a Government Department has never been clearer, we put the Citizen at the heart of everything we do and this solution enables this focus. The inline reporting that we can deliver regarding enquiries and case management is simply outstanding.

What did the Client say about Prosperity 24.7?

“I am always surprised how P247 can immerse themselves in our business process so no details are overlooked. They often identify business rules and logic that even I would struggle to identify. In my experience business ownership and buy in is critical with IT systems. P247 are acutely aware of this and actively promote, encourage and have strategies available to you to maximise staff engagement.

I can speak very openly to the team and do not fear unexpectedly having to introduce a new business logic that may disrupt the project. They react to this a professional challenge rather than a client hindrance.

I can always call upon Prosperity 24.7 to react to any urgent issues and are confident that they understand my custom entities and business processes. I feel fully engaged with the team who work alongside you to deliver your solution.”

Alison De Bourcier- Deputy Chief Trading Standards Officer

Solution – Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Customer relationship management

Benefits – Rapid enhancement to citizen service, adherence to EU legislation

Technologies – Microsoft Dynamics CRM