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Ports of Jersey transforms entire staff culture with Microsoft Office 365

The Challenge:

The Ports of Jersey were running all systems from Central Government but needed to rapidly extract all services to deliver an open, flexible and secure IT strategy to support the aspirations of the Organisation.

The Solution:

Prosperity 24.7 worked in partnership with the client to build a hybrid environment to enable 57 line of business applications to be migrated to dedicated, resilient infrastructure whilst introducing true digital transformation powered by Office 365 across every area of the diverse business including the Airport, Harbour and Port operations, Airport Fire Service, RNLI, Air Traffic Control and Security services across the geographically distributed campus.

The Impact:

This project delivered in excess of £800,000 of savings in the first six months from September 2018 to March 2019, this had been doubled by July 2019. The Port were able to in-source a key service and add over 120 staff to their workforce in just two weeks. Considerable cultural benefits delivered across the Enterprise through a considerable ‘Fast Track’ programme of training led by Prosperity 24/7 to embed and effect long term sustainable improvements and a ‘can do’ culture of permission and innovation across the business.

What did the Client say about Prosperity 24.7?

Microsoft Case Study Video:

Microsoft Public Case Study:

“The Ports of Jersey are a lifeline service to Jersey. We set about developing our own IT strategy with Prosperity 24/7 to ensure that we were open, flexible and secure across all areas of our operation.

The critical part is that can’t run the organisation by 6 brains up in an office, we have to engage the 420 brains and Office 365 enables us to do that”.

Alan Merry – CEO – Ports of Jersey

“The fact that all Microsoft Office 365 applications are available from one portal means that people know where to look and they know what’s available for them.”

Paul Strudwick – Head of IT – Ports of Jersey

Services – IT Strategy, Programme & Project Management, Business Analysis, IT services implementation, training, GDPR guidance, go-live support, post go-live continuous improvement and ongoing strategic support.

Technology Solution – Office 365 including Teams, PowerApps, StaffHub, as well as physical infrastructure delivered using HP SANs

Benefits – Digital Transformation enabling a thriving working environment, agility, security, flexibility and growth. A magnetic workplace culture.