Prosperity support Genuine Jersey Festivities

This year Prosperity 24/7 are supporting the Genuine Jersey Simply Christmas markets by funding the music acts on the main stage thus supporting creativity and a love of the Arts – Why you might ask?

Whilst STEM subjects are widely supported across local schools, we believe that our colleagues flourish better and adopt technology more easily when they have undertaken a broader STEAM based education (Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, & Maths).

Chris Clark, CEO of Prosperity 24/7 advised “When Genuine Jersey approached us earlier this year, they did this because they know that we love supporting our broader community. What they were not aware of however, is the alignment that this opportunity brings to our broader aspiration to ensure that the Arts (Literary, Music, Art and Artisans etc.) are supported across the broader Island ecosystem and educational system. We want to ensure that our clients and future colleagues are fully rounded individuals and able to embrace Digital Transformation and the opportunities it brings if you have a mindset that is open to creativity and innovation – being a musician, artist or artisan producer lends itself to a creative mindset and these skills are essential if we are to address business or social issues in the future”.

Why should you attend?

Well apart from supporting our newly formed ‘Prosperity Band’ led by Jason Wyatt who will be taking to the main stage on Friday 6th December, the main event offers family and friends the opportunity to immerse yourself in Christmas cheer at this year’s Simply Christmas markets in St. Helier’s Royal Square. Showcasing over 40 of Jersey’s finest artisans, Simply Christmas brings you a labyrinth of stalls oozing with festive magic, beautiful gifts and tasty treats. With hot food and live music, it’s the perfect place to buy unique gifts, directly from the artisans who have created and produced them.