Event – Leadership in the Social Age

Julian Stodd, Prosperity 24.7, Learning at Work Week

Event – Leadership in the Social Age

In our ‘Social Age’, change is happening outside of our control, so how can we keep pace, maintain our organisations strategic direction yet enable our staff to be agile, empowered and engaged?  To answer this question, Prosperity 24.7 is bringing ground-breaking learning and change strategist Julian Stodd to Guernsey on Thursday 21st May and Jersey on Friday 22nd May as part of our commitment to ‘Learning at Work Week’.

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  • Guernsey 21st May (12pm – 2pm) – i2 atrium – on EventBrite.
  • Jersey 22nd May (12pm – 2pm) – Pomme D’Or – on EventBrite.

Julian Stodd sets the scene

“Change is about momentum. We start with disturbance, either from within or imposed from outside (environmental, regulatory, market or third party). From momentum for change we move to strategy: our best shot at direction – in this session I elaborate about how businesses can prepare their greatest asset, their people, to operate in this agile world of change and social expectation”. 

Geraldine Evans, Prosperity 24.7’s CLO says “We believe Julian’s session will challenge the business audience, getting them to question how traditional learning and change is delivered and ask how personal development must be reimagined – Social leadership encapsulates the mind-set and skills required to be an effective leader in this social age – the session is incredible and we can’t wait to see the impact this can have across Industry in the Islands”.

Julian is considered a learning and change guru of our times, he believes there is no room for the business dinosaur and this is evidenced with his incredible Blue Chip client list where he has helped transition dinosaurs of mega proportions into agile social entities. He comes to Guernsey and Jersey for the first time, thanks to Prosperity 24.7, to deliver an outstanding seminar on what makes great learning, how to design for change by creating an agile workforce and how to deliver learning without barriers.

Julian Stodd Presentation

  • Guernsey 21st May (12pm – 2pm) – i2 atrium – tickets available on EventBrite.
  • Jersey 22nd May (12pm – 2pm) – Pomme D’Or – tickets available on EventBrite.

The events are open to all and applicable to a wide audience demographic; everyone from directors and business owners, to HR, business strategists and IT Managers will find the session beneficial and provide them with some very significant questions to help their organisation to embrace the digital age with confidence.

Julian Stodd, says, “In the Social Age, the ways we learn have changed. Why? Because our ecosystem has evolved. The nature of work is not what it was: the notion of ‘career‘ is dead. Collaborative technology is everywhere our communities exist outside the organisation. The very things that used to be hard to find and complex are now simple and at our fingertips: the democratisation of technology, creativity and publishing. The rise of social authority and its ability to subvert formal hierarchy.

To be fit for the Social Age requires a reformulation of how organisations are structured and how they work. Just because we used to be perfectly adapted doesn’t mean we will be in the future. That’s not how it works. Those organisations that fail to adapt will be the fossils we marvel at tomorrow”.

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