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The Institute of Directors

The Institute of Directors has been the UK’s foremost authority on business for well over a century. To maintain their leading position and adapt to the evolving needs of modern business leaders, the IoD worked closely with Prosperity 24/7 to embark on a digital transformation journey.

Best of breed technology now enables the entire IoD UK network to remain agile and focused on the critical needs of today’s business leaders. Prosperity 24/7’s ongoing support and partnering philosophy empowers the IoD to engage with their members more effectively, gain deeper insights from their data and keep pace with change.

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Building technology that will adapt, evolve, educate and empower.

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Sustainable ecosystems

For the global conservation teams at Durrell, data doesn’t just represent knowledge. It can mean the difference between life and death, survival or extinction. Prosperity 24/7 were delighted to work closely with Durrell to implement systems that would connect their international teams in remote locations, securely capture, store and share critical data and enable quick and efficient monitoring and reporting. Because nothing’s as precious as time for the world’s endangered species and habitats.

Durrell now has a sustainable ecosystem of technology that will adapt, evolve, educate and empower, with the speed and effectiveness to save lives.

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Making life better

At Prosperity 24/7, our role is to make your lives easier through technology. To free minds up to create and innovate, and inspire our clients with the flexibility to work in better, more efficient ways. We believe that positive change through technology empowers stronger communication, collaboration and productivity, so that together, we can achieve and grow.

Find out what Prosperity 24/7 can do for your business.

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Freedom to be agile

The move to Microsoft Azure and Office 365 for Fairway Group involved designing a new operating platform while migrating critical business applications and data. Prosperity 24/7 worked closely with Change Champions within Fairway Group, connected through Teams, to ensure that the transition was seamless yet effective. The new operating platform enabled full remote working capability, ensuring that Fairway Group could continue business through lockdown with no disruption to service.

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It’s not just about what we do.
It’s about what we do for people.

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People at heart

In a critical project where timeliness would literally save lives, Prosperity 24/7 and the Government of Jersey worked at speed to set up Jersey’s core Track and Trace platform using Dynamics 365, PowerBI, Azure Data Lake, and Microsoft Office. Using these tools, the Track and Trace team were able to liaise with every known positive case, their contacts and interactions. This robust technology, visualisation tools and dashboards have supported critical decision making, whilst protecting our community.

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