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ProComply is a necessary extension of Dynamics CRM Online if you work in Financial Services.

Not only do you need to win business in Financial Services, you need to win the right business.

Our knowledge in AML / KYC, FATCA and Client Due Diligence processing is brought to bare in this initial version of ProComply. It includes but is not limited to the following key requirements:

  • Central countries register
  • AML / KYC / CDD compliance take on process
  • Client periodic review process
  • Client risk review process in line with JFSC / GFSC / IOM AML handbook (can be extended to include your own jurisdictional guidelines)

To enable management reporting, we have also created Dashboard reporting on:

  • Completeness of client / company records (and remediation reporting if required)
  • Country exposure by companies / individuals domicile / passport issuing authority for FATCA compliance
  • Operational reporting on client reviews, pending reviews and completeness of reviews.

If you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online already or are considering this investment, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our Financial Services Subject Matter Experts:

Chris Clark | CEO | Prosperity 24.7 |

An example of our client’s whom we have assisted with similar challenges can be found here – CASE STUDIES