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Tessian turns your email data into your biggest defense against email security threats. We call it Human Layer Security.


Your Data: Your email data is an invaluable source of threat intelligence.


Tessian Technology: Using machine learning and heuristic models, Tessian’s Human Layer Security Engine detects and prevents threats in real-time. Machine learning models constantly learns and evolves over time.


Human Layer Security for Email: Automatic, real-time prevention of inbound and outbound email security threats like Spear Phishing Business Email Compromise, Misdirected Emails and Data Exfiltration.



We Often Hear People Are The Weakest Link.
Firewalls protect your network. EDR protects your devices and endpoints. But what’s protecting your people? Your employees are now the gatekeepers to your organization’s most sensitive systems and data but today’s security strategies simply rely on people doing the right thing 100% of the time. 88% of data breaches are caused by human error.

Tessian Makes Them Your Strongest Asset.
By turning your email data into intelligence, Tessian’s machine learning technology transforms your most vulnerable endpoint – your employees – into a trusted security asset by taking human error out of the equation.  Tessian’s Human Layer Security Engine automatically prevents inbound and outbound email security threats impossible to detect with secure email gateways and legacy email security controls.

How does it do it?

  • Machine Intelligence Framework
    Tessian uses a blend of machine learning and heuristic models to automatically determine if emails contain security threats based on the Tessian Data Layer, Content X-Ray and Behavioural Analytics insights
  • Tessian Data Layer
    Tessian uses historical and real-time email data to map stateful relationship graphs for every organization and combines these with external data feeds, threat intelligence and cross-tenant insights to develop a comprehensive security and trust framework.
  • Content X-Ray
    Tessian applies natural language processing and deep content inspection to all inbound and outbound emails to detect signals and anomalies that indicate security threats.
  • Behavioural Analysis
    Tessian analyses user interactions, behaviours and security threat trends over time to determine the specific Human Layer Security characteristics and profile of every employee inside your organization.