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Prosperity Day 2017



Prosperity Day 2017 – Vent your fury

In the last two years Prosperity Day raised in excess of £31,500 for local charities, enabling businesses to have fun on bikes, venting their corporate fury safely & settling scores in public. This year, you need to ask… Will it be 3rd time lucky…?


On Friday 16th June 2017 in St. Helier, businesses will once more have the opportunity to compete and have a huge amount of fun whilst venting their corporate fury by settling a score in public, in safety and all for a brilliant cause – Prosperity Day.  We are inviting up to fifteen corporate rivals to take to the saddle once more and #VentYourFury #HeadToHead. Your teams will need to be able to ride a bike, shout for (at) each other and have fun – that is about the sum of it!

What does taking part involve?

If a picture paints a thousand words, enjoy some footage from previous years below to give you a clue:

Who wins?

Well, there are two sorts of winners over the course of the day. Firstly, our chosen Charities:

We are striving to raise a total of £24,700 over the course of the event.

Secondly, we want people to ‘Vent their fury’ and use the Virtual Races that will be held on BKOOL Turbo Trainers as an opportunity to take revenge for previous a years loss or to prove your win was not luck – this was how happy last years winners looked on the podium:


How do we win? 

There are two ways to gain points:

  • Race day performance
  • Charity fund raising (information outlined in your registration pack and at the end of this page)

Who competed previously?

For the ‘Head to Head to Head’ we are looking at a suitable work out that is designed for corporate participation. Previously the line-up was as follows:

  • Grant Thornton v Camerons v BBA
  • Collas Crill v Carey Olsen v Bedell Group
  • JTC Group v Aztec Group v First Names Group
  • KPMG v PWC v EY
  • Sure v JT v Airtel-Vodafone

…And if that does not inspire you, well, by all means take a look at another race to feel inspired:

What route are we proposing this year?

What route are we proposing this year? To be decided in early 2017.

How do I Register?

For the ‘Head to Head’ there are only 18 slots to race available in Jersey, you will need to pay a registration fee of £600 and make a minimum commitment to raise £400 per team to ensure we can achieve our donation target – all monies are passed on to and equally split between the charities as you can read here:

If you want to register today contact: 


The rules of the road (how do you win!)

In Jersey, we will have an awards ceremony for participants at the Museum Brasserie.

This will be an opportunity to mingle with other competitors and celebrate in the success of the event.

To win we will have two leader boards where people can score points:

Race performance – based initially on 30 minute heats to confirm the leader board positions, followed by a final, 10 minute virtual velodrome race for the top three teams – here you get to put your best racer against the best of your competition, this will enable the following points to be allocated:

  • 1st – 15 points
  • 2nd – 12 points
  • 3rd – 10 points
  • 4th – 9 points
  • 5th – 8 points

Obviously, this is about making a significant charitable contribution so fund raising performance is critical to ensure you win, not race performance alone:

  • £500 – £999 – 7 points
  • £1,000 – £1,499 – 8 points
  • £1,500 – £1,999 – 9 points
  • £2,000 – £2,499 – 10 points
  • £2,500 – £3,499 – 11 points
  • £3,500+ – £4,499 – 13 points
  • £4,500+ – 15 points

All funds will be combined with monies raised during the day.

  • Zero tolerance – We expect competition, healthy competition, however there will be a zero tolerance policy in place in relation to ungentlemanly conduct – any threatening or violent conduct will result in immediate exclusion from the competition.
  • *We reserve the right to adjust the format of the competition up to one week before race day should opportunities arise to generate more charitable donations.
  • The scores will be combined and the winning teams (1st / 2nd / 3rd ) announced at the evening event at The Museum Brasserie– the judges decision will be final.

Frequently Asked Questions?

We have received various questions from Race Captains and we thought that the following may be helpful.

Timing questions:

How much time do we need to dedicate to the day?

  • The races will be for a fixed duration – 30 minutes, the objective of which will be to get as far as possible on a virtual stage of the Tour de France, you may even manage to complete it!
  • You will need three people to be out of the office for an hour (give or take) during their heat race and then if you are in the top 3, your best racer will need to be back for the final. You may of course want the entire office to come down and support your colleague – whoever is representing you – in the final race, your call!
  • You should also note – All the racers should secure a pass from their better halves for the evening award ceremony which will be held at Jersey Museum which is a merging of our summer drinks night with the awards (team managers / cyclists, charities and our clients will be invited to join the celebrations).

When am I racing?

  • Please see timings of your race on the information sheet. We cannot stress enough the importance of each rider arriving in sufficient time (dressed appropriately), ready to receive safety briefing at the allocated time, on the hour, promptly.   Failure to arrive on time will result in a ‘no show’ at the event.

Is it one race only, or are their knock out heats?

  • The format is for a timed ‘heat’ race which will provide positions (15 teams racing and points allocated to the top 6) – this will mean that when you race, you are not only racing your neighbours but you will also need to put in enough effort to beat everyone else competing during the day!
  • To create a crescendo of interest for CTV and the media, we will then have a final race, which we aim to have at 3:30pm with the top three teams providing their best person for a 10 minute final sprint (virtual velodrome race) – we expect teams to name their best rider for a final display of athleticism ‘head to head to head’ – this will confirm the final points for the race aspect of the podium (not forgetting that race performance is only half of the available points, fund raising will also secure points which will then be added together to provide the final podium finish).

Why are the races only for 30 minutes?

  • The reason the races are short is to minimise disruption to the businesses, similarly the restriction to only three team members means that they ought to be focused on leveraging the access to your colleagues to support their fund raising endeavours to the maximum!

How do I confirm attendance for the evening event?

  • As part of the days’ celebrations, Prosperity 24.7 is holding an evening event in Jersey to celebrate the efforts of those racing
  • Podium – We will be presenting a trophy to the winning teams at 18:15 on the 16th June at Museum Brassiere
  • Access on the Night – To confirm your attendance, please select through your registration page on Race Nation.

What do I wear?

  • Some competitors are talking about purchasing branded cycling equipment, others are talking about fancy dress!  We would be delighted if you could wear the Prosperity Day t-shirts, provided in your goodie bags. These will be distributed to all riders prior to the event.

Our team members are different heights, will there be time allowance for adjusting the bikes?

  • We have allowed time between races to set the bike up for the entire team (e.g. a happy medium that enables all three to be comfortable) the seat post we imagine will have quick release adjustment but we cannot swap bikes (between a medium / large bike for example) – this is part of the strategy challenge; do you adjust the seat for each participant during the race or do you simply set the saddle to the shortest team member, do you get a team of equally sized participants, do you get them to jump on and off twice over the course of the 30 minute race to retain fresh legs (e.g. 6 x 5 min) or is the jumping on and off aspect a major time loss and therefore only do it 3 times as fast as possible (e.g. 3 x 10 minutes).

What pedals will the bikes have?

  • We have opted to once more use standard flat pedals so you will need to wear trainers. This is to create a level playing field for all participants.

What size are the bikes?

  • Big Maggy’s are kindly providing three bikes…. Two are 58cm (large) & one 54cm (medium), if saddles are low on all, we should be able to accommodate riders from 5ft to 6ft 4” (so long as they ride out of their saddle throughout).

Points on safety:

Safety and your enjoyment of this event are our paramount concern.

Will there be a safety briefing?

At your allotted time we expect to undertake the following:

  • Discuss the basics of mounting / dismounting
  • Discuss strategy for racing
  • Discuss the course profile
  • Set the bike saddle height for your shortest competitor

How do we get on and off the bikes during the race?

  • We will cover this in the safety briefing but we expect riders to mount from the left and dismount to the right.


  • Bikes will be cleaned after each race.


By participating in this event, the rider acknowledges that he/she is in proper physical / health conditions to exercise with BKOOL turbo trainers and accepts all responsibility for this exercise / event, relieving BKOOL and / or Prosperity 24.7 of any and all liability.

Where can I stay up to date about Prosperity Day?

FACEBOOK    TWITTER    #ProsperityDay

Like what we are doing but don’t want to race?

If you think that the event is brilliant but you don’t want to take part, you are still welcome to help our charities by making a contribution to our event page:

Donations can be made to the event today:


You can follow the preparations and the progress on the day at

Who else do we need to thank?

Big_Maggys_Logo_BlackBig Maggy’s have been outstanding in their support for Prosperity Day, they have helped to source the Virtual Race hardware and software, are providing bikes for the day and are generally great people – should you wish to go crazy and buy a beautiful bike


BarannesBarannes are supporting us on the day by providing refreshing fruit smoothies to ease aching bones from incredible levels of exertion!



JT provided remarkable support up to and on the day of Prosperity Day, providing robust fibre connectivity to Broad Street which in turn ensured the required bandwidth was available for all the highly connected technology on the day.


Bkool are helping Prosperity 24.7 to deliver such an incredibly innovative event – they provide outstanding Virtual Race technology globally –


RaceNationRace Nation are supporting our event by providing a fantastic platform that solves the problem of donating to multiple Channel Island charities.