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Plastic free pledge

Prosperity 24.7 have always been acutely mindful of the ecological impact businesses have upon their environment, for many years we have virtualised physical servers on client sites, significantly reducing their power consumption and thus their carbon footprint. This is all well and good but by no means enough! This is why in 2018 Prosperity pledged to also become a plastic free organisation and have been rewarded in July 2018 ‘Plastic Free’ status from the States of Jersey courtesy of three simple yet significant commitments.

1 – All new furniture purchased as part of our recent office relocation is PET compliant and made from recycled materials.

2 – We had already reduced plastic bottle consumption by removing water bottles and replacing them with a large water dispenser. Again, we felt that this was not enough, so as part of our commissioning work for our new office we have installed filtered taps enabline our colleagues to drink fresh, chilled water, direct from the tap removing the need for bulky water machines with 18ltr plastic bottles (of which we were going through many, every month!)

3 – We have invested in glass bottles and recyclable coffee cups to enable our colleagues to reduce their impact on the planet whether they want a cool drink or a hot one!

Other steps which you can take are simple too, whilst upgrading all our office marketing we sourced sustainable products, we also recycled our pop up banners to massively reduce the waste material a re-brand would ordinarily incur.

If you would like to become a plastic free business find out more by signing up here:

One of the new purpose built offices utilising PET compliant recycled furniture