Microsoft Leading the AI Era

Last Thursday, 22nd June, we were excited to not only officially open our new Headquarters – Space – to our clients but also welcome Apay Obang-Oyway from Microsoft UK to discuss the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence in the first of our ‘Great Minds’ series.   

The Great Minds series will be regular, leadership and round table events, designed to bring together the great minds of our colleagues, clients and community in collaborative discussion on the latest advancements in technology and business change.  From understanding the innovative technical and business solutions we can develop for our clients to finding the best ways to adopt complex change programmes and help employees to continually learn the tools needed for effective digital transformation, these events will be a platform to take the first step or to get more in-depth information on the tools and processes that organisations across the Islands are already benefitting from to drive impactful, sustainable change. 

Copilot – the clue is in the name   

Our launch event truly encapsulated that ethos with Apay getting under the bonnet of Microsoft Copilot, and how it can make Artificial Intelligence more accessible to everyone.  Recent hype will have us believe that AI is set to take over the world and take away human jobs.  But rather than replacing humans Microsoft wants to augment our capabilities and free up our time to be more creative, more strategic and less consumed by mundane tasks. 

The clue is in the name! Microsoft Copilot serves to work alongside individuals to enhance productivity and efficiency with work tasks.  Integrated into Microsoft 365, it leverages advanced AI algorithms to provide personalised suggestions, recommendations, and insights to users as they navigate through their tasks. 

The tool is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for individuals who may not have any technical expertise or experience with AI technologies. It acts as a supportive companion, providing real-time assistance and guidance as they work. 

Security with AzureOpenAI 

Apay also highlighted the importance of data security and privacy surrounding AI.  With increasing reliance on these tools, concerns around data privacy and protection have increased.   

Microsoft Copilot, being part of the Microsoft ecosystem, incorporates Azure OpenAI, a robust, private ChatGPT model, which ensures that companies’ data remains secure and confidential. This solution provides an added layer of security, ensuring that sensitive information shared during interactions remain within the client’s private cloud environment, rather than the public domain, when they use ChatGPT.   

Digital determination 

Key to the successful implementation of Copilot and Azure OpenAI for business, is ensuring that it is adopted and utilised in the best possible way, which is where Apay discussed the concept of digital determination. This begins with the willingness of individuals to embrace new technologies as a catalyst for growth and success, explore new possibilities and embrace change.  

In a world where technology permeates nearly every aspect of our lives and at a faster pace of change than ever before, digital determination becomes increasingly crucial. It empowers individuals and organisations to navigate digital disruptions, capitalise on emerging opportunities, and remain competitive in an ever-changing digital ecosystem.  

The introduction of AI may have brought with it the fear factor, but humans can adapt successfully to change and find new ways to use their great minds to make technology work better and create great futures for everyone.