Prosperity 24/7 joins Eco Active business network

Prosperity 24/7 has become of member of the Government of Jersey’s eco-active business network, pledging to improve the business’s environmental performance.

The annual commitment ensures that businesses can work incrementally towards environmental goals and is proven to be the best way to change and sustain habits and mindsets about the environment.

Pledged actions come under the categories of carbon emissions reductions and waste reduction.

Prosperity 24/7 pledged to:

  • Reduce energy usage by switching off lights, devices and monitors when not in use. Our new office has been fitted with energy efficient lighting.
  • Reduce waste and single use plastic by removing individual waste bins and installing central recycling facilities, becoming a paperless office and only printing when absolutely necessary, procure office furniture that is produced from recycled PET. (plastic commonly used in bottles.)

Sustainability is embedded into Prosperity 24/7 values and supports our vision statement, “If we look after our colleagues, our clients and our community equally, then we will prosper”. Looking after our environment is part of looking after our community and we believe that we have a shared responsibility to do so.

We have also formed our own eco committee to help us keep us on track.  The mission of the committee is to elevate technology to empower sustainability and shape a better world.  Guided by our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, the committee will help us to integrate sustainable practices into our operations, products, and services. Through innovation, collaboration, and conscious choices, we strive to minimise our ecological footprint and make a lasting positive impact on the world.

COO, Geraldine Evans, commented on the initiative, “We all have a part to play to become a more sustainable business community and we are incredibly conscious of that.  We wanted to make sure that our new office gave us an opportunity to put sustainability at the centre of our office move and reflect these pledges.  We also want to make sure that they become part of our everyday lives going forward so work with our partners to develop sustainable options for clients and continue to raise awareness with internal initiatives such as taking part in Plastic Free July.”

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Prosperity 24/7 continues drive towards sustainability goals with the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation