Dynamics CRM Social Engagement

Social Engagement

We have recently had some conversations with digitally astute customers about how they could be leveraging social insights and analytics through the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Engagement.

It was incredible to realise that although we knew about this powerful feature of Dynamics CRM, many people do not, therefore we thought a little introduction might be helpful…

What does Microsoft Dynamics Social Engagement look like?

How can it help your Organisation?

We live in a socially connected world and the engagement with your customers can happen anywhere or anytime.

Microsoft Social Listening puts powerful social tools in the hands of your sales, marketing, and service teams — helping them to connect on social media with your customers, prospects and partners from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This insight is essential in the modern World if you want to monitor your brand, your products or most importantly, your reputation in the connected World in which we all live and operate within today.

There are multiple features which we would be happy to elaborate upon face to face or over a Skype call, these could be summarised as:

Social Listening  >  Social Analytics  >  Social Engagement  >  Social Care

Each of these could be covered in a video in its own right but in the first instance, we still live in a world where humans can talk to each other as well, therefore we would love for you to call Geraldine Evans on 01534 877247 to arrange a face to face meeting where we will help you to understand a little more regarding how Dynamics CRM Social Engagement can help drive an unparalleled level of business intelligence and Social Listening within your business – geraldine.evans@prosperity247.com