Five Today

Prosperity 24.7, 5 today, birthday

Today, Prosperity 24.7 are celebrating… Not a client success, nor a community achievement, this is something far more personal. Today we are celebrating our 5th birthday!

Now to many in Financial Services, you might still see us as ‘youngsters’ on the maturity scale, whilst in technology, those in Israel for example will see us as an incredibly mature organisation (given that the average time to failure is less than 9 months or successful exit, less than 18 months over there).

For us, we see reaching five as an incredible milestone, not least when you consider the wider economic conditions that we have charted our course through over the last five years.

…The most significant Global economic crash, double dip recession, the constant threat of a Eurozone collapse, the Arab Spring, War across the Middle East, migrant crisis, terrorism, the list of external risks could go on – each baring its own horrors. Locally we have seen austerity hit home across the Public sector, consolidation in Financial Services and the closure of a variety of competitors – Yet despite this turmoil and our exposure to this by being an International consulting business, to put it simply…

“We have prospered”

Many might ask “How?” in light of the aforementioned conditions  We suppose you could put our success down to three simple factors:

“Honesty, Integrity & Pragmatism”

We could elaborate on each point, similarly we could talk about our focus on ensuring prosperity across:

“Clients, colleagues and our community”

…But those who know our team will immediately understand exactly what we are getting at. In return for this genuine partnership approach, everyone will know just how much we appreciate the unwavering support and opportunity to prosper that they have provided to us, which we will repay by delivering successful projects time after time to help them with their own challenges or opportunities to thrive in this challenging climate.

Prosperity 24.7 was built on some really simple principles. Look after our clients and colleagues and they will look after us, support our community and do everything we can to help everyone – not rocket science is it? I suppose the ‘proof is in the pudding’ as my dear Mother used to say. In the last five years, we have demonstrated that we are here to stay (and grow), that we provide both consistency and continuity in the way we care for our client’s data, systems, projects and people. This, in turn, has enabled us to help everyone and by honouring our principles in the way we engage with our clients, we have achieved significant trust.

Our name define’s our ethos – Prosperity: The state of flourishing, thriving, success or good fortune.

To each and every one of you we say a heartfelt “Thank you”.

We look forward to working with you over the next five years and beyond, helping to facilitate your economic prosperity by integrating business and technology with simplicity.