Prosperity Day delivers on promise to JCAYA

Prosperity 24.7’s HR Manager, Marisa Hamon┬árecently presented three BKOOL Turbo Trainers to the JCAYA – Jersey Cycling Association Youth Academy.

As part of our continued commitment as part of Prosperity Day, we promised to ensure that every aspect of the event held in July would have a positive impact on the wider community. We had delivered on our promise to three charities and the final ‘legacy’ of our first Prosperity Day event was to deliver the turbo trainers to the young competitive Cyclist’s of Jersey to ensure that they can continue to train throughout the winter, no matter the weather.

BKOOL have been very helpful throughout the process of setting up Prosperity Day, hosting CEO, Chris Clark, in Madrid in February – the JCAYA will be able to access the resistance trainers throughout the winter ensuring a successful 2016 season which will be great news for the wider cycling community.

Prosperity 24.7 would once again like to thank both BKOOL and Big Maggy’s for their support with Prosperity Day in 2015, we look forward to working with you both next year.