Prosperity 24.7 sets sights on European expansion

Public Sector Global Outlook

Prosperity 24.7 have recently been endorsed in two publications for their inspirational work in the Public Sector helping them to set sights on European expansion.

Firstly, they received coverage in the Public Sector Global Outlook – 2014-2017 which will be landing on the desk of every CIO/CTO in the Public Sector across Europe. The publication is  available here –

Secondly, the Jersey Evening Post recently interviewed Chris Clark and concluded that E-GOVERNMENT projects in a number of European countries could soon be driven by a Jersey technology company – Prosperity 24.7.

Prosperity 24.7, a company only three years old, employing 24 people in the island, is working with technology giant Microsoft to deliver e-government reform in Jersey, and is poised to take that further afield.

Chief executive officer Chris Clark presented alongside Microsoft at a major technology event in Barcelona last month, which has led to approaches in connection with e-government reform opportunities in the UK, Norway and Denmark, which are now being pursued.

Mr Clark said that the possibility of working with a municipality with 45,000 staff was exciting. ‘If we land projects like this in Europe, we really will be putting Digital Jersey on the international map,’ he said.

‘We see e-government reform as a key enabler for the digital economy in Jersey and developing this expertise locally will allow us to take these solutions potentially all over the world.’

The Jersey project is seeing transformation from a ‘silo’ system of holding information records on a range of legacy systems to a single, citizen-centric platform with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Information on individuals can be updated centrally but departments would only view their explicit data and information remains secure across departments.

Mr Clark said that the solution has been identified as a pre-requisite for key e-government reforms, ‘enabling a digital-by-default strategy for citizen engagement’. It will also allow common processes, such as applications, grants and compliance, and to be developed across departments.

He said that Jersey was an ideal test bed for such projects. ‘With Jersey government projects mainly being small scale, we can speak to people directly and make the process happen from end to end. In the UK they cannot realistically physically achieve that with so many people and agencies involved.

‘It’s along the lines of the “walled garden” concept that Digital Jersey has spoken about, and that small government can be more agile than big government.’

Both Mr Clark and the States believe that the project can aid transformation of government services on a much wider scale than just Jersey.

‘The ability to support sharing between departments is a significant opportunity for Jersey to be a truly leading jurisdiction,’ said Neil Wells, director of information services for the States of Jersey.

‘It is an example of how technology can support the intended move towards a more customer-driven way of working.’

Mr Clark added: ‘We see the opportunity to assist the States of Jersey in its journey to digital enablement as a fundamental opportunity that will underpin our growth.

‘With over 50% of the world’s population living in cities, governments are facing daunting issues, which are unfolding in the midst of austerity and economic growth issues. The solution that we have developed in partnership with the States of Jersey is a blueprint, and will enable us to deploy proven “best practice” solutions all over the UK and Europe rapidly and securely.’

Prosperity 24.7 would like to thank James Falla of the Jersey Evening Post for his coverage of this excellent news regarding our continued progress and expansion into International markets.