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Prosperity 24.7 are proud to help the States of Jersey, the local Public Sector administrative body to gain a citizen-centric view with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The States of Jersey is the public sector administrative body for the Island of Jersey. It services every facet of modern government, from citizen service through to healthcare, infrastructure, administration and education.

Historically, the States of Jersey maintained a multitude of citizen knowledge silos in legacy systems from a range of suppliers. In recent years, the body has worked with Prosperity 24.7 to centralise a range of services on to a single citizen-centric platform. The goal of this platform was to create a single citizen record, trimmed for security and based on the department viewing only their own explicit data. This provides a single secure record across numerous departments.

The solution was designed to rationalise historical data silos and rapidly enhance citizen service from the local government. It was also identified as a pre-requisite for key eGovernment Reform initiatives, enabling a digital-by-default strategy for citizen engagement. This in turn would enable lean and consistent common processes, such as applications, grants, compliance, risk and alerting processes, to be developed across many departments.

Prosperity 24.7 has rolled out what appears to the end user as a bespoke solution for only their own department. In reality, the solution is an enterprise-wide solution that unifies the local public sector and leverages Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the common operational platform for customer relationship management. To date, this platform delivers a single citizen record to the following States of Jersey departments: Social Services for Housing Allocation; Economic Development for Grants and Business Development; Energy Efficiency; Tourism Regulation; Consumer Complaints; Trading Standards Administration (in full, including Weights and Measures); and Rural Economy, including Pandemic management and mapping integration for outbreaks. These are just a selection of the services already implemented to underpin the future e-government administration on the island.

Neil Wells, Director of Information Services for the States of Jersey says: “The fact that Jersey passed legislation to create a single citizen data base has provided a huge opportunity to deliver citizen-centric services on a single administrative platform. The ability to support sharing between departments is a significant opportunity for Jersey to be a truly leading jurisdiction. It is an example of how technology can support the intended move towards a more customer driven way of working.”

Chris Clark, CEO of Prosperity 24.7 says: “We ourselves see the opportunity to assist the States of Jersey in its journey to digital enablement as a fundamental opportunity that will underpin our growth. With over 50% of the world’s population living in cities, governments are facing daunting issues, which are unfolding in the midst of austerity and economic growth issues. The solution that we have developed in partnership with the States of Jersey is a blueprint, and will enable us to deploy proven ‘best practice’ solutions all over the UK and Europe rapidly and securely.”

Solution – Customer relationship management

Benefits – Rapid enhancement to citizen service, rationalised historical data silos

Technologies – Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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