Prosperity 24.7 – Analytics team strategic hire

Paulina, Prosperity 24.7, Financial Analytics Consultant, IT Consultant Jersey, Analytics Consultant Jersey

Prosperity 24.7 have recently made a strategic hire – Paulina Hruszowiec – to the fastest growing IT and Business consultancy in the Channel Islands.

Paulina Hruszowiec operates at the very top end of statistical analysis and reporting, specialising in the construction of analytical tools to facilitate data driven decisions or ‘business intelligence’ as it is often called. Paulina specialises in Data Analytics, is a mathematics expert with a particular penchant for Statistics, Advanced Mathematics, Data Modelling and financial reporting for consumption by business Executives or Hedge Fund / Fund Managers / Analysts.

Chris Clark, Managing Director of Prosperity 24.7 advised “We have seen continued growth in the data and analytics space, not least since the launch of our Governance, Risk and Control ‘Financials 24.7’ tool, which has been adopted by International Businesses to reduce the burden of Financial Reporting for the Board or to deliver transparency prior to a sale or acquisition activity. Paulina joins Prosperity 24.7 to support and grow the analytics expertise within our ‘Effective Change’ team. She is highly experienced in data manipulation and evaluation and is conversant in all the major reporting tools. She comes with a rich background working in the Financial Industry, but her early career and academic experience was in the challenging world of medical biomathematics. She is an amazing person to join our ever growing team of experts”.

Regarding her appointment Paulina said “I approached Prosperity 24.7 towards the end of 2013 as I had seen their growth and been fortunate to work with the team in my last job at an International Fund Management business. The way Prosperity 24.7 had engaged us as a business was both professional yet personal, it made me want to gain experience and refine my own consultancy skills to emulate those that I was fortunate enough to experience first hand from the other side of the fence – as a client”.

Julian Slater, Head of Analytics and Reporting added “we had an amazing year in 2013, the last four months in particular were phenomenal, this identified that we had an obvious need to recruit additional members to our growing Analytics team. We were incredibly lucky when Paulina approached us as we had, had the good fortune of working in partnership with her earlier in the year on an exciting client centric analytics project – it really was a simple choice to make”.

Paulina has significant experience in advanced financial modelling, which includes a broad knowledge of financial markets fused with her ability to create investment solutions. She is also familiar with a range of technologies and tools such as Matlab, SQL, Crystal Reports and others. She holds an MSc- Mathematics: Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Biomathematics as well as IMC – Investment Management Certificate- level 4.

Should any clients wish to meet with Paulina and Julian, please do not hesitate to contact or simply call +44 (0) 1534 877247 to arrange an informal chat to ascertain how we may be able to help you to become a more effective organisation through the appropriate use of insights and analytics.

To explain what we mean by insights and analytics, we have outlined just some of the scenarios that we can help with below:

Investment Analysis

  • Understanding financial trends in underlying markets.
  • Constructing bespoke portfolios.
  • Analysing and interpreting data relating to benchmarks, risk and performance.

Product Development

  • Creation of data analysis and portfolio construction system for both individual and corporate clients.
  • Integration into the business and investment process.
  • Development of front-end, back-end design; incorporating user experience feedback; in charge of UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and implementation processes.
  • Creation of risk budgeting tool to determine funds contribution to overall portfolio risk.
  • Creation of pre-trade profit and loss monitoring system integrated with Bloomberg to provide live price streaming and instrument analysis.

Reporting and Statistical Analysis

  • Development of program to generate automated and semi-automated reports on Performance Monitoring.
  • Presenting results of system development.
  • Design of cohort-based studies, including selection of appropriate and relevant data, and methods of collection.
  • Analysis of cohort data in relation to stated hypotheses.

We hope that this information has helped your understanding of insights and analytics, if you know what we mean or want to learn more about reasonably sized data (or Big Data for that matter) please don’t hesitate to call +44 (0) 1534 877247.