Infrastructure challenges in an ever evolving digital landscape – IoD presentation

Prosperity 24.7 were recently asked to provide a review on behalf of the IoD Guernsey branch and Heritage Insurance regarding “Infrastructure challenges in an ever evolving digital landscape” – Chris Clark, Prosperity 24.7’s Managing Director flew in to St Peter Port off the back of his presentations with Microsoft in Barcelona to discuss the current situation for Guernsey with the intention of dispelling certain myths regarding a lack of capability in some areas of the Island’s infrastructure e.g. what ‘should’ be keeping business owners awake at night…

The following presentation covers the high level points that were discussed, all of which can be elaborated upon further if required.

Infrastructure challenges in an ever evolving digital landscape – IoD presentation – 20140217 P247 IoD Guernsey Infrastructure Distribution

Chris was asked about the primary infrastructure challenges and discussed the current state situation and four key areas:

  • Population – growth and an ageing demographic
  • Power
  • Communication
  • People

The challenges were balanced with opportunities / technology ‘mega-trends’ that are at the forefront of competing jurisdictions ability to deliver competitive advantage compared with the Channel Islands such as:

  • Mobility
  • Social
  • Cloud
  • Big Data

Chris Clark elaborated what each of these megatrends mean and how they could be leveraged to benefit the business audience which in turn would have a positive economic effect for the Channel Islands.

A challenge that was thrown down to the IoD Guernsey members regarding “How do we balance the opportunity for innovation (reward) versus the reality (risk)?” Chris discussed with the audience how they needed to ensure that they invest in their own workforce, having dispelled myths regarding the state of the Island’s infrastructure, the reality may well be closer to home and within the circle of influence for everyone in the room to themselves become the masters of their own destiny…

In closing, Chris thanked Richard Le Tocq from @HeritageInsurance and Steve Falla from IoD Guernsey and @OrchardPR for the invitation.

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