eXtreme CRM 2014 – Public Sector Showcase success

In February 2014, Chris Clark and Simon Jackson from Prosperity 24.7 attended ‘eXtreme CRM’ in Barcelona. This news article encapsulates their experiences from this ‘must attend’ event for any Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner who want to grow their operations Internationally.

The two Directors were always going to have a different experience, Chris Clark attended and presented at the Executive Summit, Chris also presented with Microsoft regarding their CityNext initiative for Public Sector. Simon Jackson was there to consume the latest and greatest innovations in development and customer centric solutions to ensure that Prosperity 24.7 will continue to improve their agility in delivering vertical and focussed solutions to improve our customers prosperity.

“The Executive Summit is challenging, at times it gets you to think about your services and focus in a very open and honest way, it makes you question your operational strategy yet helps you to qualify (or disqualify) ideas that you may have had before the sessions, incredibly rapidly”.

“In our case, I honestly think it has saved us a significant sum of money, I am talking circa £100,000 thanks to learning from other CRM partners, their experiences and also their lessons learned. Some have had to take a significant financial hit in adapting their business strategy, by walking a path that we were considering for 2015. This is how I know that attendance is incredibly valuable” said Chris Clark, Managing Director of Prosperity 24.7.

Chris continued, “in addition to the direct financial benefit that we have achieved through adapting our future investment strategy, we were able to have open dialogue with International players on the CRM scene. On the Tuesday I shared the stage with Microsoft, elaborating upon our experiences in Public Sector which was a great opportunity for us to promote Jersey to an International audience and to receive confirmation that the States of Jersey are in fact well ahead of our competitors in Europe for joined up Government – I am sure many locals will fall off their chairs when they read this, but it is true!”

Simon Jackson’s experience was different to Chris’s, “on Sunday I had a fully immersive day learning a new and exciting technology which we have now become the exclusive partners for, for the Channel Islands. I am not going to share the name as it gives us such an advantage that we want to keep it under wraps at the moment. All I can say is our clients are going to love being smarter with their Social and Web integration with their Dynamics CRM systems, those that are not using this technology are simply going to be left in their wake with regard to competitor insights and lead generation. We are not talking about Retail clients here, I am talking about Financial Services and even local Government being able to leverage the power of these amazing tools, in the former to derive greater insights regarding potential customers, in the latter enabling such a rich conversation with the Citizen it might even be a little frightening!”

“As well as the deep dive training and analytics refresh, I was able to attend sessions from genuine Microsoft legends elaborating in extremely technical detail about the latest methods and tricks which again, will enable us such agility in the delivery of solutions it is amazing. One area that was long overdue but excellent to see was how Microsoft CRM is becoming aligned to the needs of marketers, analysts and business process engineers alike – some really cool things are already here, let alone coming down stream, so I can’t wait to share these with our clients across the Channel Islands and Europe”.

Regarding CityNext and the Public Sector presentations that Chris gave, both initially to a packed room, then subsequently to several Senior Executives at Microsoft in unique sessions, Chris said “the reception that we received was amazing, the appetite for what we have developed within Europe and the USA was phenomenal. Following on from my sessions I have been asked to present with Microsoft in the UK, Norway, Denmark and potentially the USA at the World Partner Conference – what more can you ask for, all from a simple presentation on the European stage. The Executive summit has helped us to refine our message and answer four key questions:

  • Is there a need for it?
  • Will Customers pay for it?
  • Will they buy it from us?
  • Can we build it?

Thankfully, we were able to demonstrate to Microsoft the answer to all of the above which is why it looks like we have a fair bit of travelling ahead of us in the coming weeks” said Chris.

In closing Chris wanted to thank Wayne Gallichan and the Inward Investment team for providing an insightful video that Chris was able to show to various interested parties regarding what Jersey has to offer inwardly mobile businesses.

For those wishing to learn more about what we discovered at eXtreme CRM, please don’t hesitate to contact either Chris or Simon directly.

Below, Chris Clark is seen with some of the attendees of the eXtreme CRM Executive summit who now absolutely know where Jersey is on the Digital map for the future: