New look for Prosperity 24.7 online

Prosperity 24.7, the fastest growing business and technology consulting business in the Channel Islands, has recently invested in a second generation website which reflects their maturing organisation.

Chris Clark, Managing Director of Prosperity 24.7 advised

“The new site is designed to provide enhanced accessibility to our growing services for our clients. It also supports the shift towards mobile data consumption; therefore it was essential for us to create a wholly responsive site that can support whichever device our clients are using, whether they want to understand what services we are delivering, or how to simply contact a specific team member. The whole site is designed to reflect our maturing business yet our consistent ethos, to put the client first in everything that we do”.

When asked about the user experience, Prosperity 24.7’s data scientist Rob Quinlan, who led the engagement with the Observatory, added

“as Chris inferred, version 1.0 of our web presence was a somewhat static ‘brochure-ware’ experience for our clients, it enabled them to understand what we can do, without reinforcing just how qualified and experienced the team are. We have worked with the designers on version 2.0 to engage our clients, enforce our professionalism and inject the dynamism with which we deliver for them. This has been achieved whilst retaining a consistent tone that is both accessible to a business audience and a technical decision maker”.

Ben Hickingbotham from the Observatory has worked with the Senior Management team from Prosperity 24.7 throughout the evolution process, he advised

“To accompany the new system for the site, a new approach to the visual language of P24.7 was proposed to energise Prosperity 24.7’s position locally and globally. Visual language wears multiple hats in that it relates to services, provides visual interest and reinforces individuality. All this wraps up and defines a tone of voice and essentially Prosperity 24.7’s public personality”.

“We have carried over some attributes from the previous website marketing materials, namely, black and white photography and the colourful graphical device as an evolution of the brand heritage. The new landing page is designed for new business enquiries or for those who wish to further their research into the Company. Initially, three animations feature on the landing page which relate to the primary navigation; Effective Change, Technology and Industries. Each have there own related links etc. which have been specified but each also feature a near full screen image which defines the tone of voice for each engaged viewer”.

In closing Chris Clark added

“The Observatory have been excellent in their interpretation of our needs and aspirations for the site, the whole team at Prosperity 24.7 have participated in the refreshed content and reinvigorated brand – we look forward to pushing this out to new channels as well in the near future…”

Should you wish to see the new site first hand, it is available for review now at, the team are keen to gather all feedback for new the site and look forward to hearing from both existing and new customers regarding how Prosperity 24.7 may digitally enable your workforce pragmatically and sympathetically.