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HP Converged Storage – 24/7 Solutions – HP StoreVirtual
The capability you want, the peace of mind you need.

In today’s world, your business needs to work 24/7. System downtime is not an option, access is mandatory. Enterprises of all sizes need to give peace of mind: not only to the employees who are using the system but also to the customers they serve. Without the worry of downtime, businesses can flourish. So go on. Power your business with HP Converged Storage and your trusted HP partner, Prosperity 24.7

HP StoreVirtual Storage – optimised for virtualised environments

We live in the culture of NOW. The 21st Century makes demands on a business that traditional storage cannot keep pace with. Customers want access to their data and information at the touch of a button. Virtualisation is the solution. But it requires new features and, for traditional storage setups, it can get complex and too costly.

Until now. Network RAID from HP protects your data and critical information across multiple sites and offices. Total peace of mind comes as standard.

HP StoreVirtual Storage, the next generation of HP LeftHand, is a dynamic storage solution for today’s virtualised world of IT. It gives you:

  1. Greater protection before disaster occurs
  2. Patented Network RAID features use multiple units to protect your data and critical information – keeping you and your customers reassured
  3. Helps you aim for 24/7 uptime
  4. A reduction in outages easily saves £66,,000 or more in lost revenue and lowered administration costs could save up to £26,000 per year.*

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Watch HP’s StorageGuy talk about whats new with HP StoreVirtual:

*ESG – Enterprise Strategy Group White Paper: The Business and Operational Benefits Achieved with HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage