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HP Converged Storage – 24/7 Solutions – HP StoreOnce Backup
The capability you want, the peace of mind you need.

In today’s world, your business needs to work 24/7. System downtime is not an option, access is mandatory. Enterprises of all sizes need to give peace of mind: not only to the employees who are using the system but also to the customers they serve. Without the worry of downtime, businesses can flourish. So go on. Power your business with HP Converged Storage and your trusted HP partner, Prosperity 24.7

HP StoreOnce Backup – advanced, high-performance end-to-end de-duplication

When data fills the space we have available to us, what do we do to solve it? Traditionally, we buy more storage capacity. But what if there was another way? What if we could compress and shrink the size of that data; yet still improve its availability?

HP StoreOnce Backup allows you to efficiently and cost-effectively store data that is not needed instantly but may be needed in the future. Leaving you to concentrate on what’s important now.

Should you ever need to get your business back online, it’s no problem. Data is quickly and easily restored, in a matter of hours, not days. This means much faster return to productivity for you and your customers.

HP StoreOnce Backup gives you:

  1. Reduced complexity for supporting local and remote sites
  2. Up to 95%** savings on your storage capacity purchases through the latest HP StoreOnce data deduplication technology
  3. Improved backup and recovery time with backup performance of up to 100TB*** per hour and data recovery of up to 40TB per hour.


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Watch HP’s StorageGuy talk about whats new with HP StoreOnce:

** Based on average de-duplication ratio of 20:1. De-duplication ratio could be as high as 50:1 under optimal circumstances.
*** Using HP StoreOnce Catalyst software.