Transformation, it sounds so simple…

Yesterday we demonstrated how businesses can transform by leveraging pragmatic innovation, securely, whilst embracing the latest technology from Microsoft called ‘Copilot’ – but why would you as business owners invest in this innovation?

In a world of high inflation, high costs and a perception of low productivity, we, as business owners can all see the very real squeeze on profitability. Profitability which is ultimately the life blood of Industry, the fuel that enables innovation, experimentation, diversification and sustainable growth.

If businesses are not sufficiently profitable, they simply cannot grow…

Our colleagues and our first client to embrace Microsoft Copilot, Jersey Business, who themselves are charged with enhancing productivity across the Island, were an exemplar, sharing insights regarding what we have discovered since Copilot achieved general availability, just last month.

Let’s be honest, this is a voyage of discovery for us all.

The underlying engine that led to Copilot, ChatGPT, was launched in November 2022, Microsoft launched Copilot for Enterprise Clients a year later and the speed with which Microsoft has brought Copilot to market caught many off guard as, if you recall at our event with Microsoft in September last year, we expected Copilot to be launched in March, yet, on January 15th this year, it was launched to general availability, removing the minimum licence restrictions, far sooner than we expected.

So, yesterday, only 38 days later, at our second ‘Great Minds’ event focused on Copilot, we covered what really is possible when you work with Prosperity 24/7 to implement Copilot methodically and impactfully, using our proprietary readiness assessment, aided by our wonderful experts.

Ultimately, we are all on a journey with this technology, it is however up to us all, as business leaders, to define where technology takes us…

..Our intent is to support both your profit and your purpose, whilst helping you to deliver exceptional colleague and customer outcomes.

To achieve impactful business outcomes, the Cloud, with Copilot has very much moved from pledges to progress.

Generative AI has the opportunity to enhance every business process – empowering our businesses to be in the best position for success, which I would hope you can relate to, in many scenarios within your own organisation (especially if you attended our sell out event yesterday).

This innovation and the productivity gains we shared can be achieved, once you have a structured methodology that can help to drive the full value by infusing AI across your business platforms.

Once the foundational technology is securely in place, it can accelerate insights to action, through augmented data presentation from line of business systems, helping you to make informed decisions, faster.

If you attended our event yesterday, we really would appreciated your feedback.

If you would like to be the next customer on this journey of discovery with us, please register interest for your own organisation, so that our colleagues can work with you to undertake our Copilot readiness assessment, to help you to plan your pathway to sustainable productivity.