Prosperity 24/7 adds fourth Microsoft Solution Partner designation to demonstrate capabilities

Prosperity 24/7 has attained our latest Microsoft Solution Partner designation, taking our total number to four and adding Infrastructure to the list along with Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation and Modern Work.

These designations demonstrate Prosperity’s expertise and capabilities in Microsoft technologies, allowing us to leverage this expertise to better serve clients and help them achieve their business goals.

Jake Foster, Prosperity’s Chief Technology Officer said, “This achievement demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that leverage the power of Microsoft Cloud. It also showcases our proven capabilities and customer success across these key solution areas. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Microsoft, providing innovative and impactful solutions to our clients.”

Although Prosperity has always been a Microsoft partner, the new Solutions Partner programme was launched in late 2022 and focus shifted to cloud technology, ensuring partners realign their previously learned Microsoft skills with the new and rapidly evolving world of the cloud and AI.  The programme is split into Microsoft’s solution areas and each represents a specific area of expertise.

  • Data & AI – Ability to leverage data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide insights and solutions to clients, allowing them to manage data across multiple systems..
  • Digital & App Innovation – Demonstrate capabilities to develop and deploy modern applications that can help clients stay ahead of the competition, using tools and frameworks of their choice.
  • Infrastructure –  Give clients the ability to accelerate migration of key infrastructure to Microsoft Azure in a reliable and scalable way.
  • Modern Work – Boost clients’ productivity, collaboration and manage hybrid work effectively by using Microsoft 365 provide improving their modern workplace.

Jake added, “By combining our expertise in these four areas as a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Prosperity continues to develop technology solutions that work the way that people work, solving every day business challenges, so we can all prosper.”