Great Minds Series: World Mental Health Day Special – Hitting the Target but missing the point

Most companies focus on mental health to support their colleagues once anxiety and stress is already happening in the workplace, however have we stopped to think about what it is we do to make our minds healthy in the first place? How can we have a successful and sustainable business with creative and collaborative working minds if these “great minds” aren’t being looked after?

To highlight World Mental Heath Day and focus on the theme that good mental health is a basic right for everyone, we are being joined by Business Psychologist and former Wales international rugby player and Cardiff Blues Captain, Andries Pretorius to discuss how we are hitting the target but missing the point on mental health.

In our modern, digitised world, where we are ‘always on’, our relationship with technology can be at odds with our mental wellbeing.  We face business challenges every day that require technology solutions to meet them and we reap the benefits, yet our human brains aren’t designed to cope with the pace of change, the demand on our time and the stress and pressure of modern daily life.

Andries has been working with Prosperity 24/7 for the past 12 months to help us to unlock our brain coding and understand the hard wiring that affects our mental health.  It’s remarkable what is achievable with some simple techniques and changes of view that allow us to understand how we process information, can embrace our modern environment and still live a healthy and well balanced life.

Join us for breakfast from 8:30 on Thursday 12th October at Space in our new headquarters and RSVP now.

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About Andries Pretorius

Former Wales international rugby player and Cardiff Blues captain Andries Pretorius leverages his diverse expertise across elite sports, business leadership, and psychology to unlock peak performance. His collaborative leadership style and creativity have led teams to success in both sports and business.

He has an impressive academic foundation including two degrees and a Master’s Degree in Business Psychology. As a visiting fellow at a prestigious UK university and is a published academic. He brings a unique understanding of how to optimise motivation, productivity and performance in the workplace.

Moving forward, Andries plans to continue developing science-backed training techniques that help organisations achieve their full potential. His interdisciplinary experience allows him to bridge gaps across sports, business, and psychology to drive positive change. He has exceptional experience leveraging AI technology in the workplace to help teams work more efficiently and safely while significantly reducing costs.

The Details:

Location:  Space @ Prosperity 24/7, Unit 3&4 Millais House, Castle Quay, La Rue de L’Etau, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3EG

Date: Thursday 12th October 2023

Time:  08:30 until 10:00

Breakfast refreshments will be provided.

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