Prosperity 24/7 leads Jersey’s digital sector by signing up to the 51 Employers Pledge to raise menopause awareness

Menopause is still very much a taboo subject, so Prosperity 24/7 is proud to be the first business in Jersey’s digital sector to sign up to the 51 Employers Pledge with The Diversity Network and help to bring the conversation out of the shadows.  By signing the Pledge, Prosperity has committed to implementing the 14 points set out in it over the next 12 months to ensure we become a menopause friendly workplace.

Commenting on the pledge signing, HR Director, Marisa Hamon said, “As an employer, we are very conscious of our colleagues’ wellbeing and the importance of inclusion for everyone.  It is important that menopause is treated with the same level of seriousness, care and support as other physical and mental health conditions.”

“Education is a critical part of the process and we have already put a number of resources in place to improve our knowledge and understanding.  Our sector has been historically male orientated, so a big part of that education is ensuring that the men in our business have the same level of understanding and are doing what they can as well to support their female colleagues and other women in their lives.”

To find out more about the 51 Employers pledge, visit The Diversity Network