Bologna to Rome on two wheels – Macmillan Jersey

Some of you may be aware that our CEO, Chris Clark has been cycling a little more than normal recently, there is a good reason for this…

As Chris puts it “This year is the tenth anniversary since I lost my Mum, Joan, to lung cancer. In honour of her memory and the immeasurable, positive impact, she had on my life. I decided in February that I wanted to challenge myself to undertake something that is tough for me physically, whilst raising essential funds for a critical service – Macmillan Jersey.

That is why I have signed up to participate in this year’s charity cycle for Macmillan Jersey, riding from Bologna to Rome.

On the one hand, this event and all the associated training will help my own personal fitness and mental wellbeing in a post Covid (we hope) environment. On the other, anything that I can do to raise essential funding and awareness to enable Macmillan Jersey to continue to support people going through cancer treatment has to be the best motivation that any person can have, when pedalling up obscene mountains in Italy!

I would like to thank the Macmillan Jersey team for their tenacity in putting on this event despite the logistical challenges placed upon them all through the impact of Covid-19. I hope all who take part can in turn support Macmillan Jersey’s worthy activities in a period where fundraising across the World has been significantly impacted”.

The challenge:

Over five days Chris will cycle from Bologna to Rome getting the benefit of incredible scenery and the challenge of ‘long days and steep climbs’ as he crosses the (romantically described in the brochure) ‘rolling hills of Tuscany and
Umbria’ then descends in to Rome.

An example of a day in the saddle is below:


If you would like to motivate Chris to cycle further, faster, please do not hesitate to sponsor him at the following Macmillan page: Sponsor a fundraiser | Macmillan Cancer Support (Jersey) ( – all proceeds go directly to the Charity.

For more information about the event: Chris Clark – Bologna to Rome Cycle Challenge | Macmillan Cancer Support (Jersey) (