Digital Jersey Excellence Award

The Jersey TechAwards celebrate the very best of Jersey’s digital talent, creativity and entrepreneurship. The TechAwards ceremony, which took place on 5th February 2021, saw Prosperity 24/7 receiving the amazing accolade of “Digital Jersey Excellence Award” following the essential work that we delivered in partnership with the Government of Jersey for the Covid-19 Track and Trace technology that not only enabled the Island to safely remain open throughout 2020 but also played a key role in unlocking our borders in July 2020.

Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey said “We’d like to end tonight with one additional award… So we all know when we watch these award ceremonies that we all know IT projects people that don’t always get recognised for, no matter how good a process you run, people are too busy or they don’t like to nominate themselves.

We have decided to add an extra award that we didn’t advertise, you couldn’t apply for, and we called it the Digital Jersey Excellence Award and we’re not necessarily going to give it out every year, but, if we think there is something that hasn’t been recognised in any other way and we think it needs it needs to be celebrated.

I’m really pleased this year to look at a project that we’ve seen and talked about throughout Techweek, throughout today and we talked with Gary Burgess this morning at our annual review, about how Jersey was able to use technology to help us through the pandemic in so many different ways. What I’d like to recognise is one particular project and one particular organisation behind it.

When we saw the video earlier on, we could see that it was a local company that came up with the amazing system that our amazing contact tracing team were able to use and it was also a foundational system that we could use to reopen our economy, to reopen our borders, and so I’d like to present the first Digital Jersey Excellence Award to Prosperity 24/7″.

Fortunately, Chris Clark could still be with us this evening, so Chris, perhaps you’d like to say few words.

Upon receiving the Award, Chris Clark, CEO of Prosperity 24/7 responded, “Thank you. Well, I thought I was here as headline sponsor, not to receive an award, so thank you ever so much on behalf of my colleagues and everyone that has been involved in the project. It really was the pinnacle of everything we’ve always tried to achieve for our Clients. What I would say is that we just formed part of an amazing ecosystem, Alison de Bourcier, Kelly Whitehead and various other people inside Government enabled so much innovation to happen at such speed, and it was needed at speed, we were dealing with a once in a lifetime situation, hopefully, so from me personally this is really humbling. I’m just so proud of my team at Prosperity, so thank you. It really is amazing to be recognised in this way, thank you so much”.