Prosperity appointed to run DVS options appraisal

Prosperity 24/7 were recently awarded the contract to engage with Jersey’s Motor Industry on behalf of the Government of Jersey.

A Consultation pack has been created to enable Jersey’s Motor Industry to be consulted with, and to in turn inform, Driver and Vehicle Standards (DVS) development of regulated inspection arrangements, regarding Periodic Technical Inspections (PTI) on all motor cars and motorcycles in Jersey.

By providing this information, the key objective of this engagement with Industry is:

  • To provide the opportunity for Industry to make an informed contribution to the plans for the introduction of PTI testing on the Island.
  • To determine whether Jersey’s motor industry has the appetite, capacity, capability and resources available to provide regulated services, under licence, to deliver PTI’s on behalf of DVS and the Government of Jersey.
  • Inform an assessment of the impact on the industry that the various options could have.

Within the pack we have endeavoured to provide the Industry with concise, yet pertinent information regarding the options that are being considered to facilitate PTI’s in Jersey.

To ensure that we understand the opinions of Industry, we need Industry’s support, initially through the provision of a survey response, to be returned no later than Friday 11th December 2020.

These responses will inform workshops with Industry (either physically or virtually, depending on the status of Jersey’s Safe Exit Framework regarding Covid-19) to be held in January 2021.

The Government of Jersey advised: “Throughout this engagement we intend to share all key findings with respondents to demonstrate a transparent process which is being delivered by Prosperity 24/7, a local consulting business who were appointed following a commercial exercise to appoint a local third party who has no commercial conflict of interest in the Motor Sector in Jersey”.

For further information see the Government of Jersey news article.

The consultation will align with the principles of the Government of Jersey’s Consultation Code of Practice.