Promotions at Prosperity

Promotions at Prosperity…

Following a period of unparalleled performance within the Business Change team at Prosperity 24.7, the Directors are delighted to announce two promotions, effective April 2017.

Chris Clark, CEO of Prosperity 24.7 advised “Paul Marshall has been with the team since 2013 and has been promoted to ‘Director of Business Change’ in recognition of his continued successes with not only our clients but more importantly, by achieving significant growth across the entire Business Change practice area”.

Chris continues “One of Paul’s successful hires is Peter Stoten who joined Prosperity in January 2016. Pete has consistently delivered significant change projects over the last 16 months and has achieved recognition for the business. The level of wisdom Pete brings to the team and his natural leadership skills have been recognised by the Directors, this has resulted in Pete being promoted to Head of Business Change which provides greater scope for continued headcount growth within the Business Change practice”.

2017 has started well for the Business Change team at Prosperity with two new hires joining, both of whom have hit the ground running. Two additional hires are due to join the team in the next two months. By promoting Paul and Pete we are creating greater structure and potential scale within the organisation enabling greater and faster growth in a key practice which is deriving superb attention from our clients across all sectors.

In closing Chris Clark advised, 2017 has started better than we had hoped and we are directing available resources to support the growth of the business to support the upturn in the broader economy which our business is perfectly placed to capitalise upon. We look forward to reporting the continuation of more strategic hires in the coming months which will see all areas of our business continue to grow in line with market demand for exceptional customer service and professionalism.