Prosperity supporting the community

In July, Prosperity 24.7 once more organised a range of events across Guernsey and Jersey to help our wider community. In Guernsey this involved cycling around the Island multiple times on the hottest day on record (35 degrees) for the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation and CI Air Search. In Jersey, our successful event ‘Prosperity Day’ ran smoothly once more, enabling corporate rivalry to occur physically in the safety of King Street, yet virtually on the Col du Tourmalet in France – another gruelling day for all participants – for the benefit of Caring Cooks and Wet Wheels.

Prosperity Day is designed, not as a CSR activity, but to demonstrate our ethos, culture and passion for our broader community, it helps our colleagues and clients to bond, whilst providing significant financial support to worthy causes.

In Jersey we were able to raise £12,470 for Wet Wheels and Caring Cooks this year, the impact of this effort is summarised below:

Prosperity Day Jersey activities and benefits
Prosperity Day Jersey activities and benefits

As you can imagine, Prosperity Day requires significant support, not least from our excellent colleagues but the media, the charities and of course, the participating organisations who raise money through registration fees and charitable donations which in turn enables Prosperity 24.7 to directly pass on all raised sums and distribute them equally amongst the benefitting organisations.

So what comes next?

Well… During Prosperity Day this year we secured five early registrations so you will be glad to hear that 2017 will definitely be happening, for those with legs like Popeye after this year, you will be glad to hear that we are considering a different stage of the Tour de France (perhaps the Paris Time Trial) to ease the pressure and reduce the human pollution in the fountain!

We are also considering avoiding the school holidays this year which many will be relieved to hear.

All we will say is those who have participated before will once more be offered early bird registrations as will those organisations who approached us on the day, they will be notified of the dates first to ascertain availability and scale. Thankfully the Parish of St Helier have already guaranteed our favourite spot in Broad Street, lets just hope that the weather is kind once more!

We look forward to welcoming you all in 2017 and hope to make an even greater contribution for two worthy charities, the Teenage Cancer Trust and Durrell.

Caring Cooks of Jersey and Wet Wheels Jersey each receiving cheques for £6,235.00