Natural Born Screamers – Prosperity 24.7 Paintball Extravaganza

Prosperity 247 Paintball

If you happened to be in the vicinity of Les Quennevais or Creepy Valley at the weekend you may have mistaken the howls, squeals, screams and cries of war for something akin to a scene from a classic movie. We, Prosperity 24.7 have to apologise for any disturbance we just might have caused for the local residents but this was serious… This was the inaugural Prosperity 24.7 Paintball session and wow, did we have some fun!

Firstly, our thanks must go to the professional team at Creepy Valley who so expertly identified the natural dangers – Michael ‘friendly fire’ Timoteo and Jason ‘I laugh in the face of long-sleeves’ Roberts. Oh for the exuberance of youth! Secondly, the team were amazing, who would have thought that Jake Foster was a super sniper, Marisa Hamon a ‘Natural Born Paintballer’ and Simon Jackson…? Well, lets just say he enjoyed it.

At the end of the amazing day there were a few bruises but no real injuries (thankfully). However we did take away an even greater team spirit, some war stories and lots of fantastic memories.

Nurse Geraldine
“Medic, pass me the Arnica”.