KYD – Know Your Data – HP Storage and the Private Cloud

This morning at the Pomme d’Or in St. Helier Jersey, Prosperity 24.7 and HP held their inaugural breakfast briefing discussing the technological advances being delivered by HP to meet the burgeoning growth in data whilst being acutely aware of cost sensitivity in the current economic climate by leveraging virtualisation and de-duplication advances.

HP Gold Enterprise Storage Specialists Prosperity 24.7

Chris Clark, Managing Director of Prosperity 24.7 opened proceedings sharing his gratitude for the support that Prosperity 24.7 have received in their first year of trading detailing the phenomenal growth that has been achieved so far with the team now at 18 staff across Jersey and Guernsey plus some commercial and operational insights regarding the organisations achievements to date and its target areas for the future. Chris was also able to share the Organisational milestone of being awarded the 2012 Gold HP Enterprise Storage Specialist Award which enables Prosperity 24.7 the prestigious position of being one of the select few organisations certified and approved to commission the Enterprise class of storage solutions for HP in the Channel Islands.

Warren Duke, who is responsible for HP’s Storage Division for the UK & Ireland, shared his insights into HP’s storage vision, the competitive landscape and how HP is acquiring an ever growing portfolio of solutions. He shared HP’s strategic roadmap introducing the converged infrastructure initiative leveraging HP’s investment in thin provisioning and virtualisation which enables HP to provide capacity guarantee’s and promises to ‘double the number of virtualised servers’ that you can run today when you transition to technologies such as 3PAR.

Finally, and most importantly, Jake Foster, Chief Technology Officer of Prosperity 24.7 ran through the product portfolio from HP putting into context the various service offerings ranging from the P2000, to the EVA suite through to the recent acquisition of 3PAR. Detailing, from real world scenarios the experiences that the team has had in providing all of the available technologies and in what scenario each should be leveraged to deliver the most value for money. Remarkably Jake was able to share scenarios that ranged in cost from an entry point of just £5k through to £630k, tailoring each to their most suitable application for the Industry leaders that attended the event.

In closing, Chris Clark commended Jake for his comprehensive presentation which is now available for download at the following link –

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