Announcement – Training Services

In today’s economic climate it is more important than ever for organisations to ensure that they are making the most effective and efficient use of their change or technology initiatives.

Prosperity 24.7 can help you during periods of transition, whether it is to ensure you successfully adopt new regulatory compliant processes or achieve the identified return on investment by replacing a legacy system with a new one that may offer all the promise of automation and efficiency but, if it is not utilised as the analysts envisaged, then those KPI’s will no doubt be missed and a disgruntled workforce will ensue.

No matter where you are within your change lifecycle, we can help to analyse, design and implement a robust yet efficient training strategy that both engages the hearts and minds of your users whilst ensuring  that the investment in change is realised effectively.

Training Services

We understand training, we understand technology, we understand process and most importantly we understand people – the latter are often the barrier to the successful adoption of system or process change.

What is the secret of our success?

By understanding the business objectives – the driving force for change, we can ensure that the entire lifecycle of a training engagement re-iterates these objectives and delivers alignment to a better, more efficient and effective way of working.

Our engagements ordinarily start with needs analysis, the outcome of which is a defined engagement strategy which outlines the methods for training, how user buy in will be achieved, what risk mitigation strategies need to be employed and ultimately a clear and concise understanding for all parties regarding ‘what does success look like?’

This proven methodology has seen our training team engaged time and time again by our trusted customers who recognise that our capabilities equate to successful adoption of change within their business.


Should you find, as a larger Organisation or Government, that training and supporting the adoption of your systems is not a key service that you should be providing, Prosperity 24.7 can build a suitably skilled team to enable you to outsource the day to day training, maintenance and general application support enquiries, enabling you to focus on what you do best, getting on with your own tasks and activities.

Should outsourcing or explicit project based training resonate with you; please contact us today on +44 (0) 1534 877247 or at